Earthquake hits New Delhi again, north India shaken: Another 7.3 earthquake kills 18 in Nepal

Earthquake hits New Delhi again, north India shaken: Another 7.3 earthquake kills 18 in Nepal

Earthquake hits New Delhi again, north India shaken: Another 7.3 earthquake kills 18 in Nepal

Not just one jolt but several powerful tremors hit Nepal earlier today wrecking havoc in this tiny Himalayan nation tucked between India and China. At least 18 people are confirmed to have died in the latest earthquake that was measured to be 7.3 at Richter scale.

But there are fears that the toll is set to go up as reports from far off places start reaching the nation that is still mourning more than 8000 people who died in massive earthquake just two weeks ago. To be true the search for dead has officially been called off just now some two weeks after the earthquake.

The new round of tremors once again forced people to be outside and start a new round of rescue operation in one of the poorest nation on the earth.

In the meantime the USGS that actually reported the earthquake to be magnitude 7.1, raised its intensity of 7.3 after one hour or so. But another shock was measured to be of magnitude 6.3 besides several lower intensity quakes. USGS says that the quake, which struck 18km southeast of Kodari, near the base camp for Mt Everest, was measured at a shallow depth of about 18km.

In the meantime an Aljazeera report quoted a spokesman for the International Organization for Migration as saying that “The situation in Chautara is that several buildings in the town have collapsed,” spokesman Paul Dillon told the Reuters news agency by telephone from Kathmandu. “There are four fatalities.”

On the other hand the condition seems to be desperate even in Nepalese capital Kathmandu. Thus far some three people have lost their lives in Kathmandu, though the toll is going to be up as many old structures crumbled following today’s earthquake.

Meanwhile security officials in Kathmandu have asked people to stay in open areas. They have also asked people to send texts instead of making call to prevent the network from becoming jammed.

On the other hand the panic spread in many areas of north India including Delhi, Patna and Kolkata. As tremors continued to hit the north plains and hill areas schools in the Indian capital started sending messages to parents saying their wards were safe.

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