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Drake vs Meek Mill war: Mill fires back with ‘Wanna Know’ diss

Drake vs Meek Mill war: Mill fires back with ‘Wanna Know’ diss

Drake vs Meek Mill war: Mill fires back with ‘Wanna Know’ diss

Wars are abhorred by people across the world. But this is a war this is being loved by millions of people.

By the way it is not a war in which canons are deployed, tanks and Humvees are used, killer fighter jets are activated, massive bombs are dropped from missiles and fighter planes and incessant rain of bullets of all size create havoc. It has none of the above and still it is making headlines across the globe.

This is Drake vs Meek Mill war and it comes loaded with music and songs. As Drake dissed Meek Mill with ‘Back to Back’ freestyle track, we all were expecting Meek Mill to come up with a response of his own and thankfully he hasn’t disappointed us.

There is a limit of toleration and Meek Mill couldn’t tolerate the humiliation that a misstep of his own wrought on him. He, by the way, can only stay quiet for so long. Just a couple of days following both of Drake’s diss tracks towards the rapper, Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend fired back with a track of his own on July 30.drake vs Meek Mill

Now Meek Mill’s track actually takes care of Drake’s two ‘firebombs’ and he decided to respond to Drake songs with one of his own. Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend has come out with his own diss track titled ‘Wanna Know’.

The issue has caught the attention of the Hollywood fans. It must be noted here that Mill had made an outrageous claim saying that Drake used a ghostwriter to write his verse on “R.I.C.O.” off Mill’s Dreams Worth More Than Money. “Back to Back” in the meantime goes on to claim that Mill has “trigger fingers turned to Twitter finger” — a clear reference to when the Philly rapper tweeted the accusations at Drake. So what Mill is going to come up with. Some more fire or some sort of surrender. Let’s just pray that it remains as enticing as it has been.

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