Dr Islam participates in 4th UNESCO-APEID at Bangkok

Dr Islam participates in 4th UNESCO-APEID at Bangkok

Dr Islam participates in 4th UNESCO-APEID at Bangkok.

Aligarh: Dr Mohd Najmul Islam, Department of Microbiology, JN Medical College, Aligarh Muslim University recently participated in the 4th UNESCO-APEID meeting on Entrepreneurship Education held in Bangkok, Thailand, which was attended by over 100 participants from Japan, China, Malaysia and other south-east Asian countries.

The meeting was held to discuss Entrepreneurship Education.

“As the economy is currently shedding more jobs than it creates leading to unemployment at an alarming rate in the Nation, there is a need for implementing Entrepreneurship Education at school levels so that students start looking at self employment options,” said Dr Islam.

He added that during the meeting in Bangkok, the delegates discussed Entrepreneurship Education and ways to implement it in the basic education system so that fresh graduates start thinking of self-employment.

He further said that the participants in the meeting discussed in details, the concept of entrepreneurship education, youth empowerment, empowerment strategies, constrains to entrepreneurship education in Asia-pacific and ways of promoting entrepreneurship among youths through workshops, group discussion and lectures.

Dr Islam also informed that it was recommended in the meeting to integrate entrepreneurial concept in the school and college curriculums from elementary school to post-graduate levels.

“Pedagogy and facilities must be upgraded to deliver the entrepreneurial educational experience to make youths ready to imbibe entrepreneurship culture at school,” said Dr Islam.

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