Before Fox Republican debate 2015, Donald Trump hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’

Before Fox Republican debate 2015, Donald Trump hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’

Before Fox Republican debate 2015, Donald Trump hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’

Donald Trump has always an upper hand when using media to his advantage. The way he has used the previous three Republican debates for gaining mileage in GOP primary race is enough to understand as to how he makes the media toe his line.

While others have struggled to keep pace with him, he is the one who is setting the agenda of the US presidential elections 2016 with his own narrative as far as Republicans are concerned. Even old hands like Jeb Bush have been left far behind when it comes to the race of primaries and while he has still to walk a long way, others are struggling behind him to catch up with him.

The way he hosted “Saturday Night Live” shows that his competitors in the Republican camp are not well prepared to not just match with him but also take the initiative back from him. Despite immense opposition against his plans to host the Saturday Night Live (SNL) Donald Trump maintained his trademark focus throughout the attacks and ultimately took to the stage as host of the most recent episode of television’s iconic comedy show, “Saturday Night Live.”

donald-trump picThe SNL hosting by Trump was mutually beneficial as the program achieved record ratings and the GOP presidential frontrunner enhanced his image in the process, further strengthening his candidacy.

The opposition to his holding the NSL was building since the plan was revealed to the public. Protesters said it was unethical to let him host such a popular program. When NBC failed to respond to initial protest activities surrounding the Trump-related “SNL” flap, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus issued a statement, which called upon the network to dismiss the GOP presidential contender. Rep. Loretta Sanchez while talking to a cable news channel said that by inviting Trump to host the SNL, the NBC was “endangering Latinos”.

The NBC that didn’t yield to the protest said that the hosting of NSL by Trump was not unprecedented. They said that Steve Forbes and Al Sharpton served as hosts of the show while they were candidates. A report while talking about the impact of the show says, “Trump’s SNL hosting is likely to have reached a multifaceted group of potential voters that he might not otherwise have been able to coalesce; that being, a politically, culturally, and demographically diverse cross section of the population”.

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