Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton for President 2016: Real estate czar surging ahead of others

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton for President 2016: Real estate czar surging ahead of others

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton for President 2016: Real estate czar surging ahead of others

Have Republicans found a savior in the form of Donald Trump? There are reasons to believe that many Republicans believe that it is Donald Trump and no one else who will take them through in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

Though the world was not taking the real estate czar in the beginning of his campaign seriously, but despite negative media image that he received following the first official Republican presidential candidates debate, his stock rose considerably since then.

Now he is not just head and shoulder ahead of Jeff Bush who was thought to be the main choice of Republican officials, he has caught up with Hillary Clinton who was overall front runner in the race for White House 2016.

donald-trump picNow there are reasons to believe Jeff Bush who has two presidents in his family including his father and brother seems to be falling behind Donald Trump. Not just Jeff Bush, even Hillary Clinton that seemed to be well ahead of him and a front runner for White House seems to have been eclipsed by him.

But apparently Donald Trump is not the only threat to Hillary. There is one threat that is nearer home compared to Donald Trump who will be coming into the picture merely later in the Presidential campaign when primary is over.

Bernie Sanders seems to have astonished almost everyone by his capability to attract large number of Democrat supporters wherever he goes. Despite her massive financial clout, Hillary has struggled to attract Democrats in her rallies thus far, but Bernie seems to be getting mammoth response.

A latest poll released earlier this week by Quinnipiac shows as many as 28 per cent of Republicans back Trump, while Jeb Bush is trailing behind with merely 7 per cent of Republican support. On the other hand despite her lead over Sanders, she is struggling in key early voting state of New Hampshire.

Charlie Black, a long time Republican supporter while talking about Trump surge says, “The Trump phenomenon was not anticipated. He is a great celebrity and entertainer. He has smothered the rest of the field…[But] by the time that people start going to the polls, they will understand that he is not a conservative.”

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