GOP presidential debate tonight: What time, channel, how to live stream online, Telemundo en vivo

GOP presidential debate tonight: What time, channel, how to live stream online, Telemundo en vivo

GOP presidential debate tonight: What time, channel, how to live stream online, Telemundo en vivo

Can Republican frontrunner Donald Trump be defeated by his opponents? While many analysts have said that he can be defeated, no strategy seems to have worked in this regard on the ground. His opponents despite doing everything have miserably failed to match his charisma.

Many said that if either Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush need to drop from the presidential race to give one of them chance to face the billionaire businessman effectively. But this doesn’t seem to have happened.

Jeb Bush left the Republican presidential race after being hammered badly in one primary after the other. Nonetheless it doesn’t seem to have done any good to the fortunes of Marco Rubio who seems to be the only favorite of the Republican favorite left in the presidential race.

Despite the fact that now a dozen republican hopefuls have left the race, there is nothing to suggest that Trump’s support is crumbling. On the contrary his support seems to be expanding among different ethnic groups.
A report while shedding details on Trump’s strategy says, “while In a race that began with 17 candidates, Trump has benefited from deftly playing off his opponents against one another. With four left, he can still control the race with far less than a majority of the vote. Neither Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida nor Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is likely to give way willingly, or join forces with the other. And two long-shot candidates would still snarl efforts to unite the anti-Trump vote: Gov. John Kasich of Ohio and Ben Carson have plodded on despite their slim chances. But should the field suddenly dwindle to one or two rivals of Trump, perhaps after Super Tuesday, it would test the breadth of his support as never before”.

Five Republican hopefuls are going to be part of the debate tonight. Candidates had to get 5% support in any of the Iowa and Nevada caucuses or New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries, and Tuesday’s Nevada caucuses. Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson and Kasich have all cleared this bar.

Things are looking bright for the reality czar. With Trump winning big in Nevada and South Carolina and Jeb Bush dropping out of the race, the pecking order is clear: Trump is the leader, and Cruz and Rubio are his only realistic chasers. Rubio finished second in South Carolina and in Nevada, and though the Cruz campaign has faced internal conflict this week, he’s still in the top tier and will remain a threat to Trump in the race.

What time is the debate?
The debate starts at 8:30 p.m. EST.
How can I watch the debate?
In addition to the CNN broadcast, Telemundo will carry the debate in Spanish. Salem Media Group, a regular CNN debate partner, will handle radio broadcasts of the debate.
Can I watch the debate online?
CNN will stream a live feed of the proceedings on its website.
Who will moderate the debate?

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