Tonight’s Republican Debate Live Stream Watch on Fox News: Megyn Kelly vs. Donald Trump Update

Tonight’s Republican Debate Live Stream Watch on Fox News: Megyn Kelly vs. Donald Trump Update

Tonight’s Republican Debate Live Stream Watch on Fox News: Megyn Kelly vs. Donald Trump Update

After his great performance in the Super Tuesday 2016, Donald Trump is expected to go on fire in the next Republican debate. Things seem to be falling in line for him rather perfectly.

On Super Tuesday, he was able to win as many as seven states. Now he is expected to force Republican establishment that has been loath to accept him as party nominee to take on Hillary Clinton, and be accepted as consensus candidate.

Nonetheless it is still some weeks or rather a few months away, when you can expect that to happen. The fact that Ted Cruz was also able to win as many as four states, though with lower margins, still leaves Trump with strong opponents to face in the near future. Though Marco Rubio could win just a single state, he is the one who is making strongest attacks against Donald Trump.

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donald trump vs marco rubioThe strong showing of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz has left Republican leadership in a great bind. There is no denying the fact that GOP Establishment’s nightmare has become a reality. As if that weren’t enough of a recipe for drama, Thursday night’s debate will be hosted by Fox News, with Trump nemesis Megyn Kelly serving as moderator.

The debate is scheduled for Thursday at 9 p.m. ET at The Fox Theater in Detroit, Michigan. The debate will air on Fox News, Fox News Radio, and all of the network’s mobile apps. You can also stream it with no login required at

As far as the lineup is concerned, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich are going to be part of it while Ben Carson will not be part of it. Technically Carson is still in the race, but following his terrible Super Tuesday performance he issued a statement saying he does “not see a political path forward” and thus will not attend the debate.

The moderator of the debate Megyn Kelly is expected to make the debate all the more interesting. Trump skipped the last Fox News debate over his ongoing feud with Megyn Kelly. He initially claimed that she is “very biased” and should not be allowed to moderate, but he eventually became more incensed by how network CEO Roger Ailes handled the incident. Now he claims his boycott was about “a memo that was sent out by Fox that was a little bit taunting and I said it was inappropriate,” but had “nothing to do with Megyn Kelly,” so he’s happy to appear at the March 3 debate.

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