Donald Trump takes the lead among GOP rivals

Donald Trump takes the lead among GOP rivals

Donald Trump takes the lead among GOP rivals

Donald Trump seems to own the media at the moment. Instead of being a real estate czar, he looks more like a media mogul as he is getting unprecedented amount of media attention. And all of these for free.

He is coming out with broad based policy announcements much earlier than other Republican presidential candidates and it seems to have created a sort of wave in his favor, at least among long-term and hard core Republicans.

Despite the negative media that he received merely a fortnight ago following the Fox News debate, it doesn’t seem to have made any impact against him.donald-trump pic

There is no denying the fact the consistent campaigning of the last two months seem to have made a huge impact by making an irrevocable stamp on the nominating process. His hard line attitude on undocumented immigrants has made the core of GOP super excited and his rivals have struggled to come out with any strategy that could contain him.

Merely this past week the Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump had said that he will deport all undocumented immigrants and kill President Barack Obama’s executive orders on immigration when he wins the White House. In an interview on NBC News he went on to add, “We’re going to keep the families together, but they have to go. When confronted by Chuck Todd as to where he will send people who have nowhere to go, he said, “We will work with them…They have to go … we either have a country, or we don’t have a country”.

There is no denying the fact that his tough words against undocumented immigrants and Obama executive order seem to have earned him big time praise from GOP core. A report in The Guardian says, “The most dramatic effect that Trump’s campaign has had already is to focus the Republican debate on immigration and dramatically shift the Overton Window – the politically viable spectrum of debate – on the issue. While the Republican base had long been opposed to comprehensive immigration reform and doomed any attempt for such legislation to pass on Capitol Hill, Trump has moved the debate dramatically. Where once Republicans contemplated whether it was appropriate for any illegal immigrant to be put on a path to citizenship, they are now focused on the merits of mass deportation and ending birthright citizenship”.

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