Donald Trump vs Jeb Bush vs Scott: Trump still to forget Megyn Kelly

Donald Trump vs Jeb Bush vs Scott: Trump still to forget Megyn Kelly

Donald Trump vs Jeb Bush vs Scott: Trump still to forget Megyn Kelly

Donald Trump seems to be one of the most controversial figures among the presidential hopefuls among the Republicans. He is not just a White House hopeful with loads and loads of money, he is one of the most controversial figures in the entire GOP.

Not just he is a controversial figure within the Republicans, he is also one of the people who love to live in controversy. If there is no controversy at all, Donald Trump will go to any extent to create one fresh controversy.

If the controversy that he created during the GOP Presidential candidates’ debate was not enough, he has gone on to claim on top his voice that he is a whiner and keep on whining. ‘I am a whiner, and I keep whining and whining until I win’, he went on to add.

donald-trump picMerely a week or so after the Megyn Kelly episode, the business mogul appeared on quite a few television shows this past week and then he whined and whined.

It seems that the business magnate and Fox News that just a week or so looked on a path of war are friends again. “We are friends, Steve. We’ve always been friends,” he said on Fox News. Megyn Kelly did not come up.

Then he went on to talk about other very important issues among the fellow Republicans. “Scott was going to be sort of the leader in Iowa, and the common wisdom was that he would win Iowa because he’s from the adjoining state, and his numbers are not good in the adjoining state…He has a $2.2 billion deficit. … And their unemployment numbers are bad, and the state’s mired in 38th place” he went on to add.

If that was not enough he set his guns at Jeb Bush during a chat on CNN and said that it was not he, but Jeb who should tender an apology before women. “I think Jeb Bush owes women an apology because he made a terrible statement about women’s health issues, and it was a foolish statement and perhaps a stupid statement…It’s a statement that should never have come up, it should never have been made, and I think that will prove to be his ‘47 percent.’ … He’s the one that has to apologize to women.”

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