Donald Trump for president 2016 news: He hopes to get black votes

Donald Trump for president 2016 news: He hopes to get black votes

Donald Trump for president 2016 news: He hopes to get black votes

Is Donald Trump’s fortune in reverse mode? Is he on a slippery ground and does he have the ability to keep his audience glued to his high-pitched campaign for at least next six months.

There is no denying the fact that he had a mercurial start in the very beginning of the US presidential primary race. But we have seen in the past that many such mercurial starts are nothing more than false start that tend to stop rather abruptly.

Though still we are not in a position to tell as to whether he will survive the grueling primary season, we are sure that his campaign is going to find it difficult to have a free run as he had till now.

donald-trump picMerely hogging the limelight doesn’t mean that you are set to win the race, it is also about having the basics right. While Jeb Bush may be way behind Donald Trump, you cannot write him off as yet, the same way you cannot pronounce the reality czar the winner of Republican primary.

In the meantime there are reports that Donald Trump who has spoken something or the other about every minority group in the US has said that he is the rare Republican who can win over the black votes. While Speaking at a meeting in South Carolina, Trump cited a poll from SurveyUSA showing that he has the votes of 25 percent of the black respondents in a match-up against Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton. According to Trump, this number shows that he could win the general election.

While talking on the occasion he said, “Generally, Republicans do not do well with African-Americans… have a lot of friends, African-Americans in New York, they say, ‘You’re going to get most of the vote.’ I was actually disappointed with the 25 percent,” he also noted.

Nonetheless other reports are not so favorable to the business mogul. A Quinnipiac University poll last August said that Trump could manage only 3 percent of the black voters, when pitted against Clinton.

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