Donald Trump’s Muslims bashing continues: He is also anti-immigrants, anti-Latino etc etc

Donald Trump’s Muslims bashing continues: He is also anti-immigrants, anti-Latino etc etc

Donald Trump’s Muslims bashing continues: He is also anti-immigrants, anti-Latino etc etc

As many as 150,000 Britons have supported an online petition to ban the entry of reality czar and US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump from entering the United Kingdom. If this really happens, it will be very uncomfortable for not just Trump and his supporters but for the US as a whole.

Donald trump is expanding the number of his haters not just in the US but throughout the world. But amazingly thus far he has been able to hold onto his support base despite the groundswell of opposition that also seems to be building against him. He is a man whose stock is rising with the rising opposition against him.

Though Republicans as a whole suffer from Islamophobia, Donald Trump seems to be using the anti-Muslim card in the US to expand his base. But apparently, while he may be looking like to expand his support base, everyone is expecting his White House campaign to fall flat before much longer.Donald-Trump

The man who told Jews last week that he doesn’t need their money has called for a complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on”. His comments followed last week’s deadly shooting spree by two Muslims in California.

In the meantime reports suggest that more than 150,000 Britons have signed an online petition to ban US Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump from the country following his proposal to stop Muslims from entering the United States. There are reports that the number of people supporting the application is going up pretty fast. The petition says: “If the United Kingdom is to continue applying the ‘unacceptable behaviour’ criteria to those who wish to enter its borders, it must be fairly applied to the rich as well as poor, and the weak as well as the powerful.” The petition was initiated by by Suzanne Kelly, a Scottish-based campaigner.

Reports suggest that Trump is desperate as he is facing the dwindling numbers. A Report in VOX says, “Trump’s attacks on Islam — and on Muslims themselves — are also internal to his campaign success. As the political establishment (and political press) has become frankly desperate to stop paying attention to him, he’s started replacing some of his anti-Latino rhetoric with anti-Muslim rhetoric to maintain the media’s attention”.

The report goes on to add that this is because of the fact that Islamophobia is gaining currency in the US. “This strategy succeeds for a reason: The US is witnessing the quiet rise of Islamophobia. Anti-Muslim attitudes and fears are more widespread, and more intensely felt, than they have been anytime since the immediate aftermath of 9/11 — and have possibly even gotten worse” says the report.

Donald Trump seems to be against everyone. He has criticized badly the Republican supporters who are opposed to him. He doesn’t like the US Mexicans and attracted immense criticism when he lambasted Mexicans in the initial part of his campaigning. Then the reality czar is also against immigration reform and has said that he will send all the immigrants out of the US. He is the only person who has talked of packing all the twelve million illegal immigrants out of the US.

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