Disability issues must be addressed on priority: Experts


    New Delhi, (IANS) Practical issues related to disability like rehabilitation, empowerment, main-streaming, education and employment need to be addressed on a priority basis, experts said here Saturday.

    At a seminar, the experts focussed on the importance of implementing accessibility standards and complying with different accessibility laws for differently-abled people.

    N. Subramanian, senior consultant, urology, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, said: “We need to have an inclusive understanding and positive thoughts towards those who are differently-abled. This gathering allowed us to bring the needs, concerns and rights of the people with disability into the limelight.”

    Sanjay Khanna, district governor, Rotary Viklang Kendra, organisers of the seminar said: “India alone has more than 70 million disabled people and it is an imperative that accessible needs are made available to people with disabilities in order to create an inclusive environment for them.”

    Sachin Chamariya, 22, who is suffering from quadriplegic (paralysis of all four limbs with bowel and bladder dysfunction) after sustaining a spinal cord injury, said: “With all my determination and zeal to win against the odds I have learnt to live with confidence and dignity.”

    differently-abled rights activists Javed Abidi said: “Disabled people have a lot of potential. They are just as capable as anyone else and have no drawbacks. The only factor preventing them from realising their potential is a lack of opportunities.”