Did David Bowie’s son diss Lady Gaga?

Did David Bowie’s son diss Lady Gaga?

Did David Bowie’s son diss Lady Gaga? His Twitter comment made Lady Gaga performance controversial

Lady Gaga’s David Bowie tribute has divided the entertainment world. While many people have said that she came up with extremely good tribute to a legend and worked hard to get into his skin, others said that she failed to do justice with the tribute.

There is no denying the fact that to many boisterous spectators watching the show, it was very impressive. Her performance was with huge praise from the audience and most fans watching at home. Nonetheless not all the people were convinced that it was really a great tribute to a legend like David Bowie.
And one man whose opinion really make a difference in none other than David Bowie’s own son Duncan Jones. He not only disliked the Lady Gaga performance, but went on to ferociously attack Gaga herself.

While paying tribute to a legend who lorded over the music industry for more than fifty years, the 29-old-singer proved on Monday that she was up to the challenge.

Nonetheless after her rather impressive performance there are now question marks over it. Some said that like Glenn Frey tribute, it should have been by a group of artists. In the meantime after Lady Gaga’s performance, there’s no clear consensus on whether it was good or not. The reviews are mixed at best. Rolling Stone described Lady Gaga’s effects-heavy tribute as “astonishing.” Vox was less impressed, saying that “her kinetic energy made the performance feel more like ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ or ‘Monster Mash’ than a tribute to Bowie.”

Immediately after the Gaga performance, Duncan Jones, the son of David Bowie and his first wife Angie, seem to have echoed Vox‘s scathing review when he published a cryptic post on Twitter following Monday’s Grammy performances, as reported by NBC. Duncan Jones didn’t exactly mention Lady Gaga’s name, but the content of the tweet itself is highly suggestive of his discontent with the performance.

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