Dept of Geology concludes 14th IIRS Outreach Course

Dept of Geology concludes 14th IIRS Outreach Course

Dept of Geology concludes 14th IIRS Outreach Course

Aligarh: Aligarh Muslim University’s Department of Geology recently concluded ‘14th Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) Outreach Course,’ a distance based learning Program. The Program was carried in AMU in collaboration with IIRS and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

“Around 99 teachers and research scholars along with Postgraduate students of Geology, Remote Sensing, Geography, Botany, Economics, Computer Science and Agriculture participated in the 14th IIRS Outreach Course,” said Edusat Coordinator,

Satellite based Outreach Program of IIRS, Aligarh Muslim University, Prof Liaqat A K Rao.

amu soft skillDuring the program on ‘Application of Remote Sensing and GIS for Natural Resources,’ various faculty members of IIRS, Dehradun interacted with the participants and delivered lectures on topics related to different aspects of Remote Sensing and GIS applications.

In the program, topics like RS & GIS application in Flood Inundation, mapping, monitoring and management and RS & GIS application in hydrogeological modeling, climate change impact on hydrogeological regime by application in irrigation water management and in soil erosion modeling & watershed prioritization, mineralexploration, Hyperspectral Image analysis soil moisture, ecosystem, degraded land mapping, forest growing, wildlife habitat evaluation forest fire risk, oceanography, coastal hazards satellite meteorology 3D GIS for urban development and urban green spaces were covered by the eminent IIRS and ISRO scientists.

During an important lecture in the program, Dr S P Agarwal who delivered the first lecture on Application of Remote and GIS in Flood Inundation, Mapping, Monitoring and Management summarized the application of RS and GIS in hydrogeological modeling and climatic change impact on hydrogeological regime.

Dr Bhaskar Nikam discussed about the application of remote sensing and GIS in Irrigation Water Management, Soil erosion modeling and Watershed Prioritization with case studies.

Lecture on Application of Remote Sensing and Dr P K Champati Ray delivered GIS in mineral exploration. In the lecture, Dr Ray talked about various methods of targeting inaccessible areas for hidden mineral bodies using remote sensing and GIS techniques.

Mrs Richa Sharma delivered lecture on data of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing. In her lecture, she discussed in detail Hyperspectral Image Analysis and explained its application in geological studies particularly in identification of rock types, mineralogical and structural analysis.

Dr D C Chatterjee delivered an informative lecture on Remote Sensing and GIS application Hydrocarbon exploration while lecture on Hydropower Development and Geophysical Techniques for Geological Application was delivered by Dr Shovan Lal Chattoraj.

Mrs Mamta Kumari, Dr R N Patel, Dr Harishankar Srivastava and Dr Suresh Kumar summarized the application of Remote Sensing and GIS Crop Inventory and Cropping System Analysis, Agricultural Drought Monitoring and Assessment, Microwave RS in Soil Moisture Studies, Degraded Land Mapping and Monitoring and Geospatial approach in Soil Quality Assessment analysis respectively.

Lecture on basic concept and detailed methods of the use of Remote Sensing techniques in Degraded Land Mapping and Monitoring and Soil Quality Assessment was delivered by Dr Suresh Kumar. Talking about how degraded lands are mapped and monitored, Dr Kumar explained Geospatial Approach to determine the soil quality for agricultural and other purposes.

Spectral properties of vegetation, classification and mapping of vegetation using remote sensing and GIS techniques were discussed and rendered by Dr Hitendra Pandya and Dr Subarto Nandy. Lecture on Ecosystem services and REDD+ was delivered by Dr Stutee Gupta.

Dr Sarnam Singh and Dr Arijit Roy discussed Forest growing stock/carbon assessment, forest fire risk assessment and monitoring of forest fires. Dr S P S Kushwaha delivered lecture on Wildlife habitat evaluation.

Mrs Charu Singh, Dr A K Mishra and Dr D Mitra covered lectures on Remote Sensing study for extreme events, Oceanographic parameter retrieval, Coastal Hazards. Meanwhile, Dr Shuchita Srivastava talked about Atmospheric pollution interpreted from satellite data.

Dr Pramod Kumar, Dr Sandeep Maithani and Dr Pooja Jindal covered the topics related to Urban and Regional planning, Urban Spatial growth planning and Satellite meteorology. 3D GIS for Urban development was discussed by Dr B D Bharat.

Dr Sadhna Jain covered the topic of Property Taxation and Slum Mapping using high-resolution data. Mrs Kashma Gupta discussed detailed account on the application Remote Sensing and GIS in Urban Green Spaces.

The course was concluded with the Guest lecture of Prof George Vosselman, ITC, Netherlands on ‘Segmentation of very large point clouds for 3D topographical database.’

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