Who won the Democratic debate last night: Poll numbers suggest Bernie ovewhelming winner

Who won the Democratic debate last night: Poll numbers suggest Bernie ovewhelming winner

Who won the Democratic debate last night: Poll numbers suggest Bernie ovewhelming winner

Latest debate suggests that Bernie Sanders was the most searched person during the course of the debate across the US. He had completely eclipsed his competitors including Hillary Clinton.

An online poll conducted immediately after the debateshowed that Sanders was overwhelming winner. Compared to his 13970 votes, Clinton could win fewer than 800 votes.

During the debate Sen. Bernie Sanders attacked NBC moderator Andrea Mitchell for asking him a question that he thought was not appropriate. It was about President Bill Clinton’s White House sex scandal. “That question annoys me,” Sanders said. Sanders said that the media put too much pressure on him to attack the former secretary of state.

“I can’t walk down the street — Secretary Clinton knows this — without being told how much I have to attack Secretary Clinton. Want me to get on the front page of the paper? I make some vicious attack. I have avoided doing that, trying to run an issue-oriented campaign.” “You didn’t have to answer it that way, though,” Mitchell said.

Sanders went on to add, “Then if I don’t answer it, that’s another front-page story…His behavior was deplorable. Have I ever said one word about that issue? No I have not. I’m going to debate Secretary Clinton and Governor O’Malley on the issues facing the American people, not Bill Clinton’s behavior.”

Clinton was a favorite against a very young and inexperienced looking Barack Obama eight years ago in the US presidential elections 2008. She had huge lead over him while going into the Iowa primary. What happened later is part of the history. Obama not just beat her solidly but went on to win 2 elections in a row. A tamed Clinton was invited to join him as Secretary of State.

May be she is looking at the same scenario. While Bernie Sanders never looked threatening initially, he is looking a huge roadblock in her aspiration for the top job.

He has caught up with her as far as numbers reflect in Iowa and is leading her by more than 15 points in Hampshire. As the two are set to slug it out in the open tonight, the fight is going to seem enticing indeed.

HillaryClintonUnlike 12 Republican White House aspirants, there are only three as far as Democrats are concerned. Hillary, Sanders along with Maryland former governor Martin O’Malley will take the stage in Charleston, South Carolina. All three are aware that their performance — the final Democratic debate before the Iowa caucuses on February 1 — could have a crucial impact on who wins the state.

There is no denying the fact that right now Hillary Clinton is looking like a front runner. Nonetheless last year’s scandal about her use of a private email account and private server while secretary of state has lingered, and her favorability ratings are lower than those of Sanders. Clinton is expected to step up her attacks on Sanders as too soft on gun restrictions, particularly given the site of the debate in Charleston, South Carolina.

It is needless to say that if Sanders win in both Iowa and New Hampshire, it will completely unsettle Clinton campaign. After those two states, the race moves on to Nevada and South Carolina, where Clinton leads in polls, and a March 1 round of 11 state contests.

A leading Democratic strategist Phil Noble while talking of the campaign says, “Things could change radically here if Bernie wins in Iowa and New Hampshire…This is good. People are now clearly paying attention and fired up…But my unsolicited advice would be for them to watch their tone. If you want your supporters to turn out on a cold winter night, a really aggressive negative message is not something that drives them.”

Fourth Democratic presidential debate

Where: Charleston, South Carolina

When: 9 p.m. ET on Sunday

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Moderators: NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt will be main moderator during the debate while Andrea Mitchell will also ask some questions

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