BY | May 8, 2014

Its air is worse than even Beijing and very harmful to human health. WHO report says that Delhi is the most polluted city in the world


If you thought that all these CNG buses, cars and green rickshaws have reduced pollution in the greenest city of India, think again.


If you are one among the 20 million people living in Delhi, you are living in the most polluted city of the world.


And this damning report cannot be brushed aside. It doesn’t come from a local NGO that can be laughed at without even opening its first page.


The latest report comes from the World Health Organisation (WHO). Its latest report puts Indian capital on top on the list of world’s top polluted cities. So finally our very own Delhi finds itself topping some list, though it is for all the negative reasons.


The report comes at a time when we are still thumping our backs in appreciation for the large-scale fleet of CNG buses that our state government is running here. WHO’s latest study that was released yesterday seems to be more damning than anyone would have thought. The 2014 version of the Ambient Air Pollution (AAP) database includes outdoor air pollution from as many as 1,600 towns and cities in more than 90 nations from around the world.


The study actually took into account data from the year 2008 to 2013. The report according to PTI says that the Indian capital has the highest concentration of PM2.5 ― particulate matters less than 2.5 microns ― form of air pollution, which is considered most serious.


If this was not enough to prove that the health implications of the high pollution will be disastrous for its people here is more. Delhi’s air, the report has PM2.5 concentrations of 153 microgrammes and PM10 concentrations of 286 microgrammes ― much more than the permissible limits.


We have always laughed at Beijing to be far more polluted than Delhi, but our capital is far ahead of Chinese capital at least when it comes to pollution. Beijing has PM2.5 concentrations of 56 microgrammes and PM10 concentrations of 121 microgrammes, far lower than Delhi and it looks far improved than the past.


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  • Usha Noorani

    Delhi is dirty hell on earth…worst city in all areas….highly polluted and unclean….except a very few areas….industries in and around delhi should be immediately closed.

  • Raju Magudilu Rachaiah

    The capital of India! What a record we created! Federal govt. HQ, Nations People representatives, who make law, legislate here, President and Highest court of the nation situated here! The Municipal Administration with BJP for several terms! Who will share the shame? If this the record and model of Delhi, what about other cities in India?

  • Guest

    There is a difference between lack of sufficient cleanness & scientific pollution. The solution is “the proper planning” & it should have been an UT.

  • Guest

    correct it to ………….Congress for several terms both as state & union Gov………..

  • Indranil

    dangerous, Delhi is projected as a model city to other developing cities in India. It is high time we review our priorities. This is not a sustainable model for growth. Indiscriminate construction and high vehicular emissions would lead to poor health for our coming generations. Stand up, wake up, give away the comforts of your car and ACs. Each individual should strive to find out ways to reduce carbon emissions.

  • Raj

    Rape capital and now Pollution Capital….Proves that pollution in Delhi is both..inside and outside….

  • Raju Magudilu Rachaiah

    They will only start blaming each other-Union Govt., State Govt., Municipal Corporation. The Political class, Bureaucracy, Industry and the people who elect such govts. become mute spectators, should share the shame!