David Bowie funeral details yet to be made public

David Bowie funeral details yet to be made public

David Bowie funeral details yet to be made public

David Bowie is dead and we are left with his memories. Ever since his unfortunate death he has been the most discussed person across the world with millions and millions of tweets being sent and tens of thousands Facebook posts being written praising him and condoling his death.

The man who without doubt ruled the music scene across the world since early seventies till his demise leaves his imprint on every aspect of it.

The level of his popularity can be gauged by the fact that from prime ministers to government offices, musicians and top actors from across the world besides even Church are condoling his death. England church’s musical tribute to David Bowie must be among the most important praise that the impeccable rock and roll artist might have ever thought of getting.

david bowie iman modelMerely two days after release of his album Blackstar that coincided with his 69th birthday, David Bowie passed away on Sunday, January 10. He was suffering from liver cancer and had suffered a massive heart attack almost a decade ago.

While it is still uncertain, nonetheless details about a funeral and talk of a memorial concert are already beginning to come out. Right now we merely know that funeral service will be held in USA and not UK where he was born.

In the meantime a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation says that a memorial concert is being planned for New York’s Carnegie Hall in March and Bowie will be honored with a tribute at the Brit Awards on February 24, 2016. The BBC report goes on to add that for the memorial concert, Bowie producer Tony Visconti’s house band will perform, along with other artists including Cyndi Lauper.

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