Damage to heritage buildings in Himachal

Damage to heritage buildings in Himachal

Nahan: Instead of understanding the significance of heritage buildings the Himachal government is using such buildings for the functioning of the government offices and the residence of the officers since decades in this hilly town of the state.

It is long pending demand of the residents of the town for making a master plan for preserving the heritage buildings which have potential to boost the tourism in the town.

In the absence of the strong political representation and willing of the residents a section of heritage buildings is being neglected which had to be preserve several decades back.

Around half dozen heritage buildings in the town are in the direct control of the government departments. Unfortunately a building named as “Lal Kothi”is being utilized for the residence of the Superintendent of engineer of foundry and District attorney. However this building could be converted into a museum or tourism hotel for tourists but no attention on the lines have been initiated so far. Sources says  once an idea was initated to convert the building in to the hotel or circuit house was initiated but later it was put in the cold store.

It is also worthwhile to mention here that the town still did not have any museum, despite the fact that the town was once the capital

Surprisingly, the office building of the Deputy Commissioner and conservator of forests itself has heritage significance. According to the information the office of the Deputy Commissioner was named as “Stone Henge’’ during the princely state of the Sirmaur. However conservator of forest building is also enrich for heritage meaning. The Victoria diamond hospital building is presently being utilized for the hostel of the Nursing students, however it was fit for another purpose of tourism. This building is more than 150 years old.

Though Nahan town it self is a historical town which was founded in 1621 but recently a building Suriendra club located near the Choggan ground has completed its 100 years age. On completing this age the building would automatically will be enlisted in the heritage buildings. Presently this building is being utilized for recreation of members but interesting to note here that every member of the club forget the fact that this building has completed 100 years age on 28th May 2010 as club was inaugurated by the princely ruler Suriendera Parkash on 28th May 1910.

It is learnt that the present capital of Sirmaur state at Nahan was founded in 1621 AD by Karam Parkash who ruled the state from 1616 to 1630 AD.

The Ranital garden had completed 100 years in 1989 on which a large scale function was organized in the garden but no one knows the fact that Suriendra club building has completed 100 years just two months back. Raja Shamsher Parkash had laid the garden known as Ranital Bag at Nahan in the memory of his wife in 1889.

On the other hand Shamsher senior secondary building is around 225 years old in which classes from 6th to 12th standard for boys are being running since decades.

Regrettably, Amar boarding building is being utilized for the girl’s hostel of the PG College, whereas it also could be used for other purpose. Sources says heritage buildings are being altered as per as the desire of the government departments.

A historic monument Lyton Memorial located at Delhi gate which is also called as Gate of the town also needs protection and perseveration. However, centuries old grave yard in villa round is also in the pitiable condition.

Few years back the department of town and country planning had started collecting the information about the heritage building of the town with pictures but later the project was put in the cold store.

Former MLA and member of Royal family Kanwar Ajay Bhadur Singh says he had raised the issue for preserving the heritage buildings several time but all in vain. He admitted that these heritage buildings are capable in bring the revolution in tourism industry of the town which at present is negligible.

Most of the buildings in the town were constructed during the regime of the Raja Shamsher Parkash who ruled the state during the regime 1856-1898 for 42 years.

As far as the heritage buildings of the  Royal Families are concerned, the dispute between the legal heirs of the Royal Palace is about to settled down, otherwise it is in the litigation since last two and half decades. However, Ranjor Palace, Surat Palce and Ran Vijay Bhawan could also be a point of attraction for tourists.

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