Republican primary results Super Tuesday 2: Is Ted Cruz the only hope?

Republican primary results Super Tuesday 2: Is Ted Cruz the only hope?

Republican primary results Super Tuesday 2: Is Ted Cruz the only hope?

Donald Trump has again proved his naysayers wrong. The billionaire real estate magnate was able to scalp three states including the biggest catch of the night, Michigan.

Ted Cruz was also able to get a consolation win in Idaho. Till now after the Super Tuesday 2, the Republican front runner has been able to win as many as 14 Republican primaries and caucuses while Ted Cruz, his main competitor has been able to win seven.

On the other hand Marco Rubio who drew blank in the last night’s primaries and caucuses is under tremendous pressure to drop from the presidential nomination process. He hasn’t been able to match his rhetoric with his debate on fox news last night

While Donald Trump seems to be unstoppable, Democratic front runner got a shock defeat in delegate rich Mississippi. Bernie Sanders has amazed everyone with his consistent performance. Though he is far from beating Clinton in nomination race, he has thrown a formidable challenge before his rival who is supported by President Barack Obama and Democratic establishment.

While Hillary Clinton won Mississippi, her loss in Michigan has jolted her support base. On the other hand Donald Trump won Michigan, the big prize in the Tuesday contests, and Mississippi. Republicans held primaries in three states on Tuesday — Michigan, Mississippi and Idaho, and caucuses in Hawaii. Democrats had primaries in Michigan and Mississippi. Trump’s recent victories, since the March 1 Super Tuesday, have come in the face of stiff opposition from Republican leaders either directly, such as Mitt Romney, or through surrogates.

After wining the primary fights Trump said, “I don’t think I’ve ever had so many horrible, horrible things said about me in one week”. “$38 million worth of horrible lies,” he added, referring to negative ads that have flooded states that held their nominating contest on Tuesday and those that are coming up. Florida and Ohio that have primaries on March 15 are the two prize contests that are expected to determine if Trump will be the nominee or is stopped by one of the other three still in the race.

On the other hand, despite winning Idaho, Cruz suffered a shock when he was relegated to third spot in Michigan by John Kasich, who has not won anything yet but hopes to turn the race by winning in Ohio, his home state. Nonetheless he may lose his seat there too as Cruz is trailing Trump in the RealClearPolitics average of polls 34.5% to 30.5% in his home state.

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