BY | September 7, 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo has said that he is unhappy for reasons known to him. People wonder whether Real Madrid has angered the star player by overlooking Kaka

Cristiano Ronaldo is among the highest paid sportsperson in the world. He earns tens of millions of dollars every season and has access to the best the world can offer. Besides, he also has love of millions of his fans scattered across the world.

So it was but natural to be amazed that the top soccer player of the world was unhappy in his real and professional life and even the great accomplishments like hitting two goals in a very important match couldn’t against Granada make him happy.

Ever since he made his feelings known, there are all sorts of speculations about why soccer super star was unhappy. Many people suggest that he is unhappy because he doesn’t like his stint with his team Real Madrid.

He came up with superb performance during the Euro 2012 and looked very happy with his scintillating performance, especially in the last few matches of the tournament. The Portuguese star gave a valuable contribution to his nation’s aspirations of being crowned European Champions, but their dreams got denied in the penalties shootout’s final moments. Cristiano Ronaldo: “Penalties are a lottery and whoever gets lucky, wins. We feel frustrated, because we know we’ve been very close to reach this Sunday’s final”, stated the Real Madrid forward to a Portuguese television network called SIC.

The Real Madrid star had 5 appearances and 3 goals in this EURO 2012, assuming the role of the main figure in the Portuguese National Team. He scored half of his team’s goals in the tournament (3 out of 6) and he has been tremendously decisive in beating Holland when still on the group stage and the Czech Republic in the quarter-finals. Nonetheless, we all know the media will always seek for flaws and the simple fact that Ronaldo didn’t have a chance to take his penalty-kick against Spain has been on the center of the controversy over the last days.

But notwithstanding his very useful contribution in his team’s wins it is rather amazing that he is unhappy. He has said that he is not unhappy because of money. By the way Real Madrid pays him as much as $15 million for every season. He makes more by appearing in commercials. Many theories are doing the rounds and one credible theory suggests that he is unhappy with the sort of treatment being given to his friend Kaka by his team management. An insider says, “There was one guy who Cristiano wanted more than anyone, someone who would give him some help and make him more productive and protected…They did not do the deal. When you look at how Barcelona signs players, it is to support and complement Messi. Can you say the same about Madrid with a straight face? It is a problem.” Meanwhile there are reports indicating that the Real Madrid star is suffering from mild depression. But to be true from outset and his consistent performance there is no credence in this report. Kaka hasn’t played a single game this season and despite Ronaldo trying his best and his team doing not very well, his team management hasn’t asked Kaka to make any appearance in any match.


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  • Johnny Vaz

    Yes, that is the only reason why Cristiano Ronaldo is said to be unhappy with the sort of treatment being given to his friend Kaka by his team management and that has angered the star player. Its a wakeup call for Jose Mourinho or it will to late for Real Madrid and thier fans

  • Premashis kumar

    May be it is one of the causes.kaka will make him more productive.IT IS TRUE THAT RONI Does not get enough supportive play like messi get in barca.