Costa Concordia cruise ship sinking: satellite image shows how it looks


    Costa Concordia cruise ship sinking may become a big legal battle. Meanwhile satellite image shows how it looks from space

    Costa Concordia ship sinking may become a long drawn battle for those who were on the ship and for those who lost their loved ones. The $500 million huge ship that was almost 300 meters long and had almost everything that a modern neighborhood needs sank off the coast of Italy on January 13th and rescue work is continuing non-stop since then.

    Francesco Schettino, the captain of the ship is under scrutiny for his role in not ensuring the safety of the 4400 passengers and crew members. 19 people are still to get accounted for, while there are reasons to believe that quite a few unregistered passengers who were onboard may also be missing. 5 corpses fished out of the doomed ship were not those who were registered passengers. So the real number of those dead or missing must be hard to know except for the captain.

    But the company Costa Cruises that owned Costa Concordia also played some part in eventual sinking of the ship. Reports suggest that the company forced the captain to do maneuvering so close to the coast to allow the people of the island to have a look at the huge ‘city’ on sea with all its beauty and get some decent media coverage.

    But if you thought that the sinking was dissuading others to undertake cruise journeys, you were definitely off the mark. Merely ten days after a huge cruise liner sank people are still very happily hopping another similarly giant cruise liner Independence. The 4000 plus people have booked their seats for an 11-night cruise past Portugal, the Canaries and Madeira.

    Meanwhile there are reports that several passengers have decided to sue the company that owned cruise liner. A lawyer who is planning to sue Costa Cruises owners says, “While they might be trying to indicate that the incident is the fault of this one rogue captain, we know that they’ve had some precedents going close to these islands along the Italian coast…At this point we’re exploring numerous defendants; certainly you’ve got (ship owner) Costa Cruise lines”.


    1. Cruise ship operators( Costa, Carnival, Cunard…etc)are also responsible to an extent,

      1) Why they want to use ship operating crew, particularly Captain of the ship for cruise commercial promotion?

      2) Modern ships including ‘Costa Concordia’have all the most advanced electronic Gadgets. But shipbuilder cannot install life boats that can be
      launchable in any angle!

      3) Why this modern ship have no system alerting sea worthy once damaged? Why abandoning time is solely at Captain discretion?

    2. If the captain is gone where was staff captain ( second in command) where was safty officer,something doesn’t seem right

    3. Someone wanted to know why people didn’t jump off ship … the ocean was eight degrees. I wouldn’t be on a cruise ship unless I was first off. I don’t take orders.

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