Copa America 2015 soccer tournament latest results, highlights: Colombia beat Brazil

Copa America 2015 soccer tournament latest results, highlights: Colombia beat Brazil

Copa America 2015 soccer tournament latest results, highlights: Colombia beat Brazil

This was nothing short of impossible. They had faced each other in 28 matches before yesterday’s Copa America 2015 championship and were able to win in just two matches. So no one thought that they were going to come out with the biggest upset of the tournament thus far.

Colombia was without a single win in the tournament and the lowest ladder in the group. Despite many people talking about upset, no one actually believed that the two sides will come this close and Brazil will go goalless in the match.

But this is what precisely took place in an out and out offensive match that saw as many as 39 fouls. The tension was so high that the members of the two teams had to be forcibly separated by referees at the end of the match. But the result of the match will not have much of an impact on Brazil’s chances of moving to the knockout stage.neymar

There is no denying the fact that the South American teams prefer to play an offensive game that brings out of them lots of anger. Brazilian captain Neymar was shown a red card after an ugly fight involving players of both teams in which Neymar appeared to aim a headbutt at Colombia goalscorer Jeison Murillo. But he was not the only one to be shown the red card. The referee also red-carded Colombia striker Carlos Bacca following the fracas. Brazilian player Alves said, “Referees have to stop thinking that they are the stars, the stars are not them – they are there to control the game…We are used to this in South America – everyone here is against Brazil”.

Without on the field tension, no soccer game is complete as far as far as this part of the world is concerned. A report says, “Tensions boiled over after the final whistle, with the teams having to be separated, with the referee seemingly showing a red card to Neymar and Colombia substitute Carlos Bacca…It was also the Barcelona forward, who had Brazil’s best chances to score, inexplicably heading straight at David Ospina on the cusp of half-time and dragging his shot wide when clear through on goal two minutes after the break”.

In the meantime Columbia seem to be over the top of the world following the win. Colombia’s Real Madrid star James Rodriguez said, “We had a great gameplan and it worked today…Four days ago we lost to Venezuela when we played well, tonight we played well and beat Brazil, sometimes it happens like that.”

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