Continued support for nuclear team vital, daily

Continued support for nuclear team vital, daily

Continued support for nuclear team vital, daily

Tehran: The English-language newspaper Iran Daily commented on the ongoing nuclear talks between Iran and the six world powers in its opinion column which was written by Ali Qanbari on Sunday.

It said “Iran received 13 metric tons of its gold which was blocked in South Africa under US-led sanctions thanks to the nuclear negotiating team’s follow-up in the ongoing nuclear talks in Vienna. The positive progress in the negotiations has been highly effective in achieving this.

Prices in the domestic market have witnessed a slow but continuous decline as a positive reaction to the return of the assets.

Another positive outcome of the accomplishment is the change in the people’s views on the future of the talks. Prior to this, a group of Iranians strongly held that the removal of the Western sanctions would not be conducive to reduced inflation and economic growth. They spread despair among others. The unfreezing of Iranian assets, has slightly restored public hope.

Iranian economy has faced many challenges since the national assets were held up in foreign banks coupled with the breakdown in domestic financial organizations’ communications with SWIFT.

These favorable outcomes have triggered an optimistic atmosphere even among those opposing the resumption of talks with the sextet.

The favorable progress of the negotiations has also helped further demonstrate Iran’s power to the world.
Substantial gold reserves greatly shore up the national currency which consequently improves the country’s international status.

Earlier, due to Iran’s weakened international position, the negotiating team did not enjoy favorable bargaining power. The 11th government strained every nerve and sinew to restore Iran’s lost global standing and proved successful in this respect.

Following the tightening of Western sanctions, the rial weakened against other foreign currencies. Currently, time is ripe for the national currency to regain strength.

A total of 21 tons of Iranian gold assets has been released in the past few months which can come in handy for the government to implement some of its economic plans.

Bolstered gold reserves will lead to enhanced economic stability and greatly reduce price fluctuations. The 10th government suffered a great deal of economic mishaps due to the diminished gold reserves which had left the domestic economy extremely vulnerable even to the slightest foreign and domestic tensions.

The achievements of the nuclear negotiating team have rebuild trust in the domestic market’s bright and promising future.

As stipulated in the Vision 2025, Iran is required to become the Middle East’s main economic power within the scheduled period. Sanctions are the chief obstacle to meeting the target. Once they are completely removed, Iran can work towards the goal more effectively through efficient planning and adhering to the guidelines of ‘Resilient Economy’ set by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei. All Iranians of various mindsets are required to support the government through the rest of the negotiations in a year designated as ‘Government and Nation; Solidarity and Harmony’.”

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