Connecticut train crash: 5 critical in commuter train accident

    Courtesy: The Hindu

    (NVONews.Com) Around sixty people have been injured, five of them critically in a train accident involving two trains. It was one of the worst train accidents in years and authorities suggest that it is going to take significant time in opening the rail corridor for passenger traffic again.

    The accident took place between New York and Boston when two trains running in opposite directions rammed in each other, damaging railway tracks, train bogies and injuring several dozen passengers and crew members of the two trains. The accident was caused by a passenger train from New York and heading towards Connecticut got derailed and rammed into another train that was coming from opposite direction.

    Officials suggest that though most of the people who sustained minor injuries have been discharged from different hospitals after initial treatment, six people remain in critical condition. The rail corridor is still closed for trains so far and there is no certainty as to when it will be opened for rail traffic.

    Courtesy: The Hindu

    In the meantime Gov. Dannel Malloy who visited the area said that there was no sign to suggest that it was anything but an accident. Malloy made it clear that he thought it was an accident caused by human error and added, “These trains at that hour are in fairly constant use, so just before these trains came into contact with one another, other trains had been through the same spot”.

    Investigation has been ordered into the crash. Officials from the National Transportation Safety Board will head the investigation into the crash, with Malloy saying that agency’s team should be on site by Saturday morning. “We have no reason to believe that it’s anything but an accident,” the governor said. Power was shut off along the line and service has been halted — westbound past Bridgeport, and eastbound beyond South Norwalk — because of the derailment. Amtrak train service also announced early Friday night that it had suspended all travel between New York and Boston indefinitely after the crash.

    Reports suggest that the railway traffic in the affected area may be hampered for quite sometimes. Such travel headaches could persist for weeks, because the two tracks affected by the derailment — which are both “shot right now” — may take weeks to repair, CNN quoted Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch as saying. Because of a bridge replacement project, those two tracks are the only way in and out of New York City by train from that part of Connecticut. Workers will need to not only remove disabled trains, but also remove the tracks, regrade the rail bed, then lay down the tracks again, according to Finch.

    On the other hand the travellers in both the trains are traumatized. A passenger in a middle car of the New York-bound train, Chris Martin, recalled to CNN how his car went dark after the crash, then someone over the intercom “called all the doctors up front.” Brian Alvarez, who saw the wreckage, described the scene as “pretty graphic.” “I saw this one car and it was completely destroyed, and they were pulling people out of the car,” Alvarez was quoted as saying. “… They were all bloody.” For them to recover mentally from this tragedy is going to take some time.