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Chimps can’t cook, but they love cooked delicacies

Chimps can’t cook, but they love cooked delicacies

Chimps can’t cook, but they love cooked delicacies 

A latest study has come out with findings that though chimpanzees can cook their food, they actually like to eat cooked food. If I was an evolutionary scientist I would have concluded that these chimps were in initial evolutionary process and that after millions of years, they may evolve something like humans. But as I am no Darwin and actually no fan of Darwin, I will not press further.

The latest study claims that chimps in fact have intelligence to cook food, but don’t posses means.

The study also claims that the chimpanzees actually love the taste of cooked food and may also love tasty food more than the ordinary and can even defer gratification while waiting for it and even choose to hoard raw vegetables if they know they will have the chance to cook them later on.Chimpanzee

The latest study also suggests that humans might have started using roast vegetables and grilled meat much before than previously thought.

While talking about the study Felix Warneken, c-author of the study who is a psychologist at Harvard University says, “The logic is that if we see something in chimpanzees’ behaviour, our common ancestor may have possessed these traits as well. If our closest evolutionary relative possesses these skills, it suggests that once early humans were able to use and control fire they could also use it for cooking.”

He goes on to add, “What’s particularly interesting about cooking is it’s something we all do, but it involves a number of capacities that, even without the context of cooking, are thought to be uniquely human”. Researchers claim that they used a series of experiments at the Jane Goodall Institute’s Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in which wild-born chimpanzees were given the opportunity to prepare food using a “cooking device”.

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