Charlie Sheen HIV Positive confession on Today show was difficult: father Martin Sheen

Charlie Sheen HIV Positive confession on Today show was difficult: father Martin Sheen

Charlie Sheen HIV Positive confession on Today show was difficult: father Martin Sheen 

Charlie Sheen’s father Martin Sheen has come out in support of his son. He asked the people where the interview was being conducted if there was anyone who doesn’t have a relative suffering from drug problem. Alas, there was no one who said he didn’t have and he had a point proved.

Charlie Sheen had recently come out in the open on the Today show announcing that he was an HIV Positive for the loss four years. He said that it was a difficult decision to announce before the world and that it was not just three letters he had to utter. There is no denying the fact that HIV Positive has a stigma attached to it and people are fearful of it and its impact.

Nonetheless, despite being HIV Positive, Charlie Sheen was not suffering from AIDS and his doctor said that Sheen was absolutely healthy.

As no one was coming forward to offer support to the actor at this time of grief, his father, Martin Sheen, also an actor has come to the defense of his son. After confessing on live TV, the actor wrote an open letter describing what he suffered. “Roughly four years ago, I suddenly found myself in the throws of a seismic and debilitating three-day cluster-migraine like headache. I was emergently hospitalized with what I believed to be a brain tumor or perhaps some unknown pathology. I was partially correct. Following a battery of endless tests, that included a hideous spinal tap, it was sadly and shockingly revealed to me that I was, in fact, positive for HIV…The news was a ‘mule kick’ to my soul. Those impossible words I absorbed and then tried to convince myself, that I was stuck, suspended, or even stranded inside some kind of alternate reality or nightmare, were to the absolute contrary. I was awake. It was true… reality”, says he in the confession letter.

His father and mother despite being concerned about him are very supportive of him. Sr. Sheen said that it was a tough decision to confess. “”He had been leading up to this sort of story for several months and we kept encouraging him to do it…But he kept backing away and back away because it was like going to his own execution, I guess…It was the most difficult thing he’s ever done…We didn’t know until he walked on the set that he was going to do it. He also said that his son was not the only one to suffer drug abuse. “As a father, I dare say that if I were to ask, just a general question in this room, how many of you have children or spouses or nieces, nephews, uncles, clients, who are dealing with drugs or alcohol. I dare say that there isn’t a person in here that wouldn’t raise their hand”, asked Charlie Sheen’s father.

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