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Chandigarh: The Chandigarh Administration is concerned for the proper and absolute development of Children with special needs. Keeping this in view the UT Administration has established a School ‘Prayaas’ for these children. The Indian Council for Child Welfare with a Grant-in-Aid from the Department of Social Welfare Chandigarh Administration has set up the school.

Children with severe multiple or complex, disabilities which interferes with their ability to communicate, or have difficulties in independent movement, is the focus of this institution. The priority of such children is to get Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Remedial education before they are ready to derive benefit from education in a main stream school, where such facilities are not available. Also, the crowded class rooms of even the best schools with 45 to 50 students per class, hardly allow a teacher to spend one minute on each child. In such an environment a slow learner or a child with dyslexia finds the environment frustrating and often dropout of the school.

Parents often neglect treatment of disability of their child lest academic education should suffer which is clearly not conducive to effective treatment of Remedial defects. The Prayaas Building located in Sector 38-B, on Dakshin Marg and is spread over 3 acres of land. The school has taken the specialized staff to handle these special children. Each group of 10 children would be taken care of by one teacher and one helper. Children will be grouped according to dominant disability like Autism, Cerebral, Palsy, Hearing Impairment and specific learning like disability Dyslexia, each follow a programme most suited to its development.

A special learning enhancement center has been established for children. Facilities have been created for Yoga, Music Therapy, Dance Therapy, academic education, and education in routine/wing skills Children are taken to the Therapist for any treatment that they need i.e., the therapy center located in the same building. Therapy programme is supervised by Senior Consultants Pediatrics and Eye Specialists of the prestigious PGIMR, Chandigarh.                             

Admission is now open on “First Come First Serve Basis”. Parents are advised to contact Administrative Officer, Prayaas, Dakshin Marg, Sector 38-B, Chandigarh for more information at telephone number 0172-2690872.


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Chandigarh:  The Govt, of India, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, New Delhi is providing financial assistance to Voluntary Organizations (registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (XXI of 1860) or any relevant Act of the State/UT ) working for Scheduled...

Chandigarh:    Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, has laid down certain guidelines to be followed by  the enforcement and educational authorities with regard to safety of school buses carrying children.  To comply with these directions the guidelines have been incorporated...

  • Dr.Monika

    I m Dr.MONIKA , I m b.a.m.s. graduate ,did certificate course in special education. I want to do work with these people, If there will be any vacancy please inform me, my contact no. is 9815308111, 01722230963.

  • Dheeraj

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am from Panchkula near to Chandigarh. I am a computer professional and mostly (Sat/Sun) go for outing to sector- 17 Plaza. While sitting at Plaza I came across 6 to 7 of kids in a very bad condition begging for money. One of them I came across and who compelled me to write to you people is named Ahmed and his age may be 6 years. He is in such a bad condition that from 3 feet’s he smells with stink. He comes near and ask me for money for food. Even my asking that I can get a food instead of money he demands money only. This clearly shows that something wrong going behind and someone exploiting these kids for their own motive. Sometimes these kids are yelled at. I don’t know for how long that kid will survive but we as human society are putting him to very tough test which even a well educated person like me cannot survive. I am like a very cold person. How I changed – My wife and kids are away due to some differences and no contact since Sep 2009. Accidentally I came across that kid and became worried about my kids Also plaza is place where people come for entertainment and to relax and put their stress out. But sometime these small kids conditions makes people stressful. So I can request. Rest is on you people. You people can save these kids. Even if they have their parents then they should be bit educated for their well keeping. They are mostly at plaza mainly from 12:00 to 5:00pm every weekends. I am writing this same note to some more people.

    Hoping for a appropriate action


  • Jai Prakash

    Dear Sir / Madam

    My son 11 yrs old is slow learner , Physically fit -looks like normal child , is in class 3′rd ( promoted ). I am looking for some special boarding school for slow learner in Ludhiana or Chandigarh .

  • pankaj

    Mr Jai Prakash ji can you give your mobile no

  • manoj kr sharma

    my son is 4 yrs old and is a patient of cerberal palsy till now he is not able to sit just lying on bed i want some special boarding school for traetment of his self dependcy can u help me to know where are these boarding school.i will be highly thankfull for this kindness.

  • Neeraj & Nitika

    We have a two years daughter born in january 2009. Though she is fine. walking, less talking but She seems slow compared to other kids. Please advise what to do… We are worried…

  • Vivek

    Dear Mr. Jai Parkashji
    This is Vivek Nayyar from Ludhiana. Can I have your mobile no.
    Thanks n Regards

  • sapna

    dear sir/mam

    i am a retired teacher and would like to associate myself with ur estemeed insute. it would be an honour for me if i could associate with you in any ways. Can u please send me your contact number??
    i shall be very thankful to you.

    thank you.

  • Sidhartha Kumar Dash

    Dera Sir,

    My son (7 years old) is presently reading in Sr. KG class of Kidzee school, Ropar. He is a autistic child and not communicating properly. By appearence, he is looking almost as a normal child and doing most of his things independently.His memory & intelligency level is almost equal to a normal child. But response is slow due to communication problem

    As he is not communicating properly in school, hence we feel to shift him to prayas (Chandigarh) for better development. Kindly guide us, whether it will help for his development? We need your help & support.

    With Regards

  • satinder

    dear sir/ma,am
    i have done mba in hr.i am working as a special educator at present . i want to do work with these ppl.if there is any vacancy plz inform me.

  • Ranjit V. Suryawanshi

    My child is 11 yrs. old and studying in 5th standard having learning disorder (Marathi medium)in Mumbai.He looks like a normal child and also behaves like one. As we are shifting in Chandigarh we wanted to know if any help can be provided by you?
    Thank you and regards.

  • Jyoti Kaushal

    My name is jyoti Kaushal and my 11 yrs son is hearing impaired and going to normal school.

    I am working as Law officer in Govt department in chandigarh and I want to work volunteer for hearing impaired / deaf and dump kids.

    Waiting for your response.

    With regards

    Jyoti Kaushal

  • Naresh Chaudhary

    Dear Sir / Madam

    My son 10 yrs old is slow learner , Physically fit -looks like normal child , is in class 2′nd. I am looking for some special school for slow learner in Chandigarh or near .

  • Arvinder Singh Paul

    I am a NRI, teacher trained in the UK in special needs children within a mainstream setting and now retired.

    I wish to setup a boarding school for severely disabled children in Punjab and would welcome contact from parents of such children and any investors, educational establishments…

    You can contact me for further info. 00447939112156

    We are visiting Punjab in March and April 2012.


  • kusum bisht

    dear sir/mam,

    i wish to work with children with special needs. I had worked with special need children earlier also. In case there is any vacancy please let me know.
    Also let me know in case you ppl are conducting any certificate or diploma course in special education.

    Shall be grateful



  • yogesh

    Dear sir, i have only one son named Kairav kumar is prematured child. he is physically fit but hyperactive and slow learner, he is almost 8 yrs old but still not able to speak a full sentence. From last 3-4 yrs he speaking only few easy words. Being hyperactive and leck of speech he is not getting admimission in normal school. Being a central govt employee my job is transferable and from last two stations he is going in special school but caompare to other childrens he is better condition in special school. now i joined at chandigarh, i need ur guidance and support plz help me.

  • sunil berry

    dear sir,
    i would like to know that still the admissions are open for class 8th
    i m from bhopal and for my child betterment i can shift to chandigarh.
    sunil berry
    mob 09303116564

  • rekha bhaskar

    Dear sir/mam, I have a son ,12 years of age having multiple disabilities like dyslexia,dyscalculia.dysgraphia and some behavior problems too. He is in 6 std(promoted conditionally).on appearance he is smart and normal please let me know if your PRAYAS will be helpful for his improvement.we are living at panchkula. My number is 8054462173. ____

  • Dr. nitika puri

    I am Dr. nitika puri… I am a physiotherapist. I would like to do job in prayas. If would be any vacancy please let me know. Thank you

  • Radhika Sareen

    My son is 21 years old. He has been a slow learner but going to the normal school. While in Class X in 2006, he developed OCD and has been under treatment since then. He is come over OCD but, still not able to concentrate, has no motivation & drive. Sometimes, gets into anxiety/depression. Please advise, if your school could be of any help/value add to him.Thanx


    Trying to contact on this no. 0172-2690872. But nobody answering.

    Vishwas is our second son and born on 2nd January 2006. He is 6 years and 7 months old, studying in HKG. His milestones have been proper. At the age of 3yrs 1 month he had one word speech. Since both parents are working he was mostly left with a maid servant where he used to get least minimum conversation. A speech therapist thus suggested that he should have complete conversational attention so that he can grasp speech quickly. He still has problem in speaking (r) , for example instead of “rath” he pronounces “lath” and in place of “dar” he says “dal”. The mother then paid round the clock attention to the child and he has shown drastic change. Where he was not able to converse, he can now explain his daily needs, can tell his name, identify people he knows, can ask for something he wants. But he is still not able to understand things of reasoning which other children of his age can. Example : What did you have for breakfast, Who brought you to school, Have you done your work, Where did you keep the remote etc. Due to his speech problem he went to Nursery at the age of four. We never had such a case history in our family.
    Being declared ADHD, he sometimes screams when something is against his wish. Occasionally gets aggressive and is stubborn by nature. Loves watching TV especially Cartoons like Shin Chan, Tom and Jerry, Bey Blade, Ben 10 etc. Loves playing with Toys. Recently he has started assembling Puzzles and can make a puzzle of 60 -100 pieces. His grasping power is very good regarding names of fruits, vegetables, animals, insects etc. He is very routine bound in daily activities. He loves music and dancing. He loves eating, especially chocolates and biscuits He is a poor sleeper and will not do so until forced to do so. He has started wearing spectacles and is allergic to things like sudden change in weather (hot to cold or vice versa). But he has never developed the habit of Bed Wetting from Childhood. He becomes suddenly distracted by irrelevant sights and sound, fails to pay attention to details rarely follows instructions carefully and completely, has difficulty waiting in line for a turn, gets frustrated easily, gets angry frequently and easily, avoids writing long sentences but likes coloring, doing math, going through books with plenty of pictures. He is very quick fun related assignments/activities.

    Therefore I would like to know if Prayaas can help my child. Please do revert as soon as possible

  • Dr. Shefali Dua

    i m a physiotherapist and would like to do job in prayas. if there would be any vacancy please let me know.thank you.

  • Anuka

    Hi there, my 5 year old son has been daignosed with autism. he is a very quick learner. he has behaivior issues and lots of anxiety. he appears to be normal but has limited vocabullary and is very stubborn. He can communicate his demand by using two to three words partial sentences. Please advise me about the services that are provided at Prayas. I live in USA but I want to move back to Chandigarh if I can get a nurturing and progressive environment for my child. Your help is much appreciated.

  • saroj

    Dear Sir / Madam

    My daughter 7yrs old is slow learner , Physically fit -looks like normal child & and soooooo Sweet so Smart , is in class K.G CLASS. I am looking for some special school for slow learner in Chandigarh
    Plz help me I am very thankfully to you

  • anita garg

    hi,i m looking for a special educator for my minor autistic 13 yrs old son in bathinda.

  • supreet

    Dear sir/madam
    my niece 15 yrs old,she is suffering from blood suger and slow learner not a normal child we r from kurali (mohali) can u suggest any institute for her thanks

  • narain

    I have a 12 year son who has IQ of 85 adhd in lko . He is very nughty. I went to Chetna In lko a centre for mentally handicapped. But the children there were very severe case /. Pl let me know where to get help for my son who is nearly normal/ And needs some guidance of counceling.
    narain Lucknow U.P.

  • Amita Paul

    I am Amita a certified and experienced special education teacher from the USA. I am opening a coaching center for slow learners, autistic and downs syndrome children, at Panchkula near Chandigarh. If you need any kind of help you may contact me @ 9878860424.


    Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped Children-PRAYAAS, Dakshin Marg, Sector 38-B, Chandigarh is a project of Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW), U.T. Branch, Chandigarh, is working since 1985. This Centre offers services to children suffering from Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Neurological Developmental Disorder, Hearing & Speech Impairment, Mental Retardation, and Psychological Counseling to the parents/guardians. It also provides education services to slow learner and children with hearing impairment to teach them basic recognition of Alphabet and numbers. Speech Therapists work on these children to improve their creative skills. Clinical Psychologist assesses their intelligence and greater counseling for behavior disturbance. Occupational Therapist trained the children in their daily living and improves function balance and walking skills of children with handicapped. All these services are provided free of cost to the patients under one roof from one building which spares the patients from hassles of moving from one hospital to another. Once the children are able to walk, talk and take care of their toilet needs, they are guided to get admission into main stream schools. Prayaas has a preparatory school for Special Children with 25 children. Special Educators take care of the educational needs of children with cerebral palsy, deafness and communication problems. Medical Social Worker helps the parents in processing disability certificates, helps in camps for disabled persons and helps spread awareness about the benefits of early diagnosis and treatment of children with disabilities. Prayaas is also serving a Training Centre for several Institutions in the region.
    The following services are available to disabled children:-
    1. Physio therapy
    2. Occupational Therapy
    3. Psychology
    4. Speech & Audiology therapy
    5. Elementary Teaching
    6. Preparatory School for Special Children

    Address:- Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped Children (RCHC)-PRAYAAS Building, Dakshin Marg, Opp. Dainik Bhaskar, Sector 38-B, Chandigarh-160014, Phone 0172-2690872, Working Hours: 9 AM to 4 PM (Monday to Friday) & 9 AM to 2 PM (Saturday)

  • Ritu

    Dear Manoj Kr Sharma

    You didn’t mention your place of living and contact no.
    There is no need to send your child in a boarding school.Please contact to a pediatric physiotherapist for your child. You wil take treatment in a clinic or pediatric rehabilitation centres. If you don’t have time for this then you may be call a physiotherapist at your home for daily visit.