Chandigarh Grievances Redressal Forum invites people to register their grievances


    Chandigarh: The protection of consumer interest is one of the primary objectives of the Electricity Act, 2003 as well as the National electricity Policy, 2005. Keeping this in mind the Chandigarh Administration had constituted The Chandigarh Grievances Redressal Forum in April, 2010 for redressal of grievances of the consumers of electricity in the area of Union Territory, Chandigarh. The CGRF consists of three members including the Chairperson. One of the members is nominated by the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission.

    This forum aims at solving the monetary complaints  such as wrong billing, mis-classification of tariff, difference in application of service connection charges/general charges etc and  the nonmonetary complaints such as delay in release of service connection, delay in issue of first bill, defect in meter, non  restoration of electricity supply, etc. of electricity consumers.

    According to Mr. Inder Pal Gupta, IA&AS (Retd.), Member of CGRF, “Largely we receive the complaints regarding exaggerated bills and changing of meter and we try to dispose it off as soon as possible. Now we are emphasizing on the publicity of the forum so that the people can know about it and use the facility.”

    The forum stands committed to protect the interest of electricity consumers and ensure supply of quality electricity uninterruptedly to all the users in UT, Chandigarh. All the complaints concerning supply of electricity may be lodged   with the Electricity Wing of Engineering Department. In case of complaint regarding restoration of electricity, the complainant must initially lodge his complaint at the Citizen Facilitation Centre (phone no. 4639999) or the Electricity Complaint Centres of respective areas. For rest of the above mentioned complaints, the consumers must lodge their complaints with the respective Sub-divisional Officer (SDO) of the area on plain paper giving the details of name, address, telephone, account number and brief description of the complaint. In the event of non response of the complaint, the consumer may lodge complaint with the divisional office of the electricity of the area.

    If the consumer is not satisfied with the response  of the Complaint Centre, SDO or XEN concerned, he or she may send such complaints in writing to the Chairman of the Consumer Grievances Redressal Forum, Room No. 531, Fifth Floor, Sector 9-D, Chandigarh or email to


    1. Dear sir,

      it is brought notice that are main electricity wire from pole to meter was damaged badly for the past 2 years,which was temporary repaired by the department and told us to change your wire. When we told them to change are wire they always take temporarily solution and not changing our wire. You can even check our complaints continuously been last 2 years.Today 17/07/2012 again we are facing problem regarding electricity the department visit us and told us the same as early they spoke to us that there is a defect in main wire and again do the temporarily solution from our meter instead of changing wire. I request you sir to kindly look into the matter

      Thanks/ Regards

      Yours Truly
      Sardool Singh
      #113- Sector 46/A

    2. Sir,

      I am living in Sector 39-A, IMTECH Colony. My electricity bill comes every two months higher than any colony members. I have complainted many times in Chandigarh Electicity. But they had not given good response. Kindly do the neeful.

    3. Dear Sir,

      My previous email , I have not given full address. The address are as under:- B-24, Type-II, IMTECH, Sector 39-A, Chandigarh. Kindly do the neeful urgently because i am suffering lot of much.

      Thanking you,

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