CBSE class 10 result 2015 announced, 97.32 pass percentage

CBSE class 10 result 2015 announced, 97.32 pass percentage

CBSE class 10 result 2015 announced, 97.32 pass percentage

Finally CBSE class 10 results 2015 are all set to be released today. Children who appeared fot their CBSE 10th exams are both excited and nervous.

I am sure you all really worked hard and you all deserve good grades, but you should keep in mind that marks are not important as far as success in life and career are concerned. Many great people who have made lasting impact on the world -many of them were not top graderd- and were great success.

But if have got top grades you should rejoice as it has come after hard work and many months’ tough and tiring study schedule.

There is no denying the fact that students are eager to get highest grades and parents want to see their kids excelling in their first major exams. Even teachers and school managers across the country and in countries where the Central Board of Secondary education (CBSE) has its branches want to see their kids doing better than other schools. Higher the results, better is the chance of being giver higher ranks in the region by rating agency. So no one wants to see their kids doing poorly.independence day madrasa student photo

Latest reports suggest that more than 13 lakh students appeared for their class ten examination this year. This is notwithstanding the fact that the examination is optional. Nonetheless kids and their parents want to see how well prepared they are to face the world. The results were expected to be released yesterday. But then it was announced that the results will take a few days to be announced. Thankfully sources suggest that it is going to be released today and can be accessed at and

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