CBS News South Carolina poll: Republican debate winner may be anyone, but GOP was loser

CBS News South Carolina poll: Republican debate winner may be anyone, but GOP was loser

CBS News South Carolina poll: Republican debate winner may be anyone, but GOP was loser

The 9th Republican debate conducted on the CBS News this past Saturday was something whose outcome and winners are not certain. Every poll seems to be sending different set of winners. While the onsite poll conducted immediately after the debate by the CBS News showed that ‘robot’ boy in the previous debate Marco Rubio was the eventual winner, other polls have different sets of winners.

The CBS News poll conducted by the television channel suggested that Rubio was proclaimed winner by as many as 34 percent people followed by Ted Cruz. Jeb Bush was said to have received the least number of votes from the people who voted in the offline survey.

But online surveys had a completely different outcome. A survey conducted by Slate suggested that billionaire businessman Donald Trump had won the debate with big margin.

The party’s ninth primary debate on CBS pulled an average of 13.51 million viewers — the highest-rated candidate showdown since Oct. 28 when 14 million watched CNBC’s event, according to Nielsen data.
In the meantime Republican debates are drawing large number of audience. The audience topped the 13.18 million viewers who watched the Feb. 6 debate on ABC, which was also a raucous affair. But political commentators were comparing the lack of civility in Saturday’s contentious meeting of the six remaining GOP candidates in Greenville, S.C., to a steel-cage wrestling match. At one point, CBS News moderator John Dickerson chastised the battling candidates by saying, “Hold on gentlemen, I’m going to turn this car around.”

In the CBS debate the audience number shot up to 13.51 million spectators. The strong ratings for the primary debates in the 2016 campaign season plateaued in the summer and fall, when the first meeting of Republicans scored an average of 24 million viewers on Fox News Channel and 15.3 million watched the Democrats on CNN.

Meanwhile the last debate in South Carolina will be remembered for Jeb Bush and Donald Trump duel. The best moment of the night was when Donald J Trump and Jeb Bush, a former governor of Florida, took on each other. The two leaders clashed in an extended, personal clash over the Iraq war and President George W. Bush’s record on national security.

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump doesn’t shy away from making frontal attack. He also hit former President George W. Bush hard, directing some blame at him for the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks and saying he erred badly by invading Iraq in 2003. Bush also took a dig at Trump for advocating too cozy a relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Middle East. Trump said that George W Bush committed a mistake by invading Iraq. Jeb Bush counter-punched: “I could care less about the insults Donald Trump gives to me. … I am sick and tired of him going after my family.” “The World Trade Center came down during the reign of George Bush. He kept us safe?” Trump said. “I lost hundreds of friends in the 9/11 terrorist attack.” If this was a clash of Republican and Democratic contestants, these attacks were understandable. Such attacks will give Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders enough firepower to nail the GOP opponent in presidential elections 2016.

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