CBS News South Carolina poll: who won GOP Republican debate, will impact SC primary

CBS News South Carolina poll: who won GOP Republican debate, will impact SC primary

CBS News South Carolina poll: who won GOP Republican debate, will impact SC primary

CBS News Republican debate on Saturday was unforgettable for GOP fans across the country. Many people were eager to see Marco Rubio fumble once again. But he came up with impressive performance and a CBS News survey suggests that most of the people who attended the debate thought that he was the clear winner.

Nonetheless, the most important thing for which the debate will be remembered was how Donald Trump attacked almost every single participant in the 9th Republican debate.

The debate which was held in Greenville, South Carolina and moderated by CBS News journalists and a Wall Street Journal editorial board member was watched by a record number of people. The party’s ninth primary debate on CBS pulled an average of 13.51 million viewers — the highest-rated candidate showdown since Oct. 28 when 14 million watched CNBC’s event, according to Nielsen data.

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Republican debate 2016

For television channels the debates are becoming increasingly important. Republican debates are drawing large number of audience. The audience topped the 13.18 million viewers who watched the Feb. 6 debate on ABC, which was also a raucous affair. But political commentators were comparing the lack of civility in Saturday’s contentious meeting of the six remaining GOP candidates in Greenville, S.C., to a steel-cage wrestling match. At one point, CBS News moderator John Dickerson chastised the battling candidates by saying, “Hold on gentlemen, I’m going to turn this car around.”

The debate was attended by only six Republican presidential hopefuls. Brian Stelter, of CNN Money, noted that these high ratings prove that Donald Trump and the other GOP candidates draw in more viewers than Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
In the meantime Justice Scalia figured prominently during the initial period of the debate. When the moderator asked who they would like to put in place of Justice Scalia, Trump said, “If I were President now I would certainly want to try and nominate a justice”. He went on to add that Supreme Court justice’s death was “a tremendous blow” to conservatism and the country.

On the other hand people are describing the debate more fiery than anything we saw in the past. FOX News’ Charles Krauthammer called it “a thermonuclear war,” with the previous debates more akin to World War I or II, according to RealClear Politics. Charles Krauthammer went on to add, “I think that if you counted up the number of times that the word ‘lie’ and ‘liar’ was employed, it would exceed the number of times it has been used in all previous debates”.

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