What time is Republican GOP Debate tonight on CBS News: schedule, who is in, who is out

What time is Republican GOP Debate tonight on CBS News: schedule, who is in, who is out

What time is Republican GOP Debate tonight on CBS News: schedule, who is in, who is out

How Sen. Marco Rubio will perform in Republican debate tonight, is a question that almost everyone is asking. After his disastrous performance in the last Republican debate, his popularity seems to have dipped considerably.

His fans were disappointed over the fact that the senator was not able to think of proper answers and was talking the same sentence again and again in response to the Christ Christie onslaught. While Christie has abandoned his presidential bid, he has badly dented Marco Rubio’s image as a leader.

He was being taken very seriously and many people thought that Rubio was a good alternative to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. But not anymore. Thanks to his very public malfunction, the public has adopted the nickname “Robot Rubio,” and the scripted Floridian finished in an underwhelming fifth in the New Hampshire primary, collecting 10.6 percent of the vote.Republican debate 2016

Bill Maher while talking about him says that his car knows more phrases than Rubio. “Boy, this race has shown a lot can happen in a week…A week ago, Marco Rubio was the chosen one, now he’s the little broken robot boy. His Valentine’s Day card to his wife was very sweet, it said, ‘Remembering you on this special day,’ and then when you opened it, it said, ‘Remembering you on this special day’”, says Maher.

In the meantime a latest poll in South Carolina shows Donald Trump leading his opponents by huge margin. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and celebrity billionaire Donald Trump each have a state in their win column after respective victories in Iowa and New Hampshire, and both appear to be in a strong position heading into South Carolina’s Feb. 20 Republican primary. They’ve been sparring from afar for weeks but have so far kept their acrimony off the debate stage. Whether that pattern continues in Saturday’s contest is unknown. Cruz released a television advertisement before the debate accusing the real estate mogul of a “pattern of sleaze,” spurring Trump to fire back on Twitter with another round of questions about his Canadian-born rival’s eligibility to be president.


Donald Trump is in attacking mood and he is expected to be his belligerent best tonight. If Cruz “doesn’t clean up his act, stop cheating, & doing negative ads, I have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen,” Trump wrote. While Trump will be standing at center stage, signifying his lead in national preference polls, Rubio will be the center of attention. The ninth Republican presidential debate will be aired by CBS, and voters can watch live streaming of the debate for free without login credentials required on the CBS News site, which can be accessed at this link. The debate will air live on CBS from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET on Saturday, and network’s digital streaming service, CBSN, will offer extensive coverage before, during and after the debate.

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