By Sheikh Qayoom Srinagar/Pampore, (IANS) Has Jammu and Kashmir’s summer capital finally gone to dogs? That’s what many among Srinagar’s 1.3 million residents are asking, considering the city is home to at least 91,000 stray dogs – if not more. … Continue reading

Dehradun:  To make sure millions of Kanwariyas complete their religious yatra peacefully Uttarakahand Government in a high-level meeting stressed upon mutual cooperation, dissemination of information and round-the-clock contact among the neighboring state officials from today till the completion of the … Continue reading


Ashok Handoo writes: This year’s pilgrimage to the holy cave of Amarnath in Kashmir is to begin from the 29th of this month. It will continue till August 13, the Shravana Poornima day, which coincides with Raksha Bandan. The countdown … Continue reading


Nahan: Instead of understanding the significance of heritage buildings the Himachal government is using such buildings for the functioning of the government offices and the residence of the officers since decades in this hilly town of the state. It is … Continue reading


Toronto: (MW) Toronto is undergoing a profound transformation. The city skyline is alive with 53 new corporate towers, two major arts and entertainment centres, luxury hotels and gleaming condos. A new construction crane seems to join the skyline every week. … Continue reading


Dubai:  All eyes are on Dubai as the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa (formerly Burj Dubai), opened its doors to the world on January 4. Towering at 2,717 feet (828 meters), the impressive glass and steel structure was renamed … Continue reading


Basaki Naga has several temples in the vernacular style in Bhalessa area, some of them are at Bheja and Gandoh. The main temple Kalgoni may be typical example of the Naga temples is located at an idyllic location on the … Continue reading


Nahan: After a gap of two years the boats would be floating in the largest natural lake of the Himachal at Shri Renuka ji. Renuka Vikas Board today auctioned the work of boating for one year to Prem Thakur in … Continue reading


Usha K writes: The beauty of the area is breathtaking. Cool breeze filled atmosphere is energizing. This is the evergreen, Silent Valley National Park. The area where the  National park is located is known in Malayalam as Sairandhri Vanam, Sairandhri’s forest. Sairandri is the nameDraupadi, the wife of the Pandavas assumed when she was … Continue reading


By Sadaket A Malik & Waseem Batt: Surinsar is settled in rural most realty of Jammu and Kashmir. It has many sorts of roots to accomplish the desirable destination. Full of awe hopeful mountains and having a Brobdingnagian possibleness of … Continue reading


Bhalessa is located in northern most state of Jammu and Kashmir. It has umpteen number of roots to reach the desired destination. Full of awe aspiring mountains and having a huge potential of tourism industry here, The narrow road snaked … Continue reading


M.L.Dhar writes: “The place (Kashmir) is more beautiful than the heaven and is the benefactor of supreme bliss and happiness. It seems to me that I am taking a bath in the lake of nectar here,” wrote Sanskrit poet Kalidasa. … Continue reading


Shimla: Stage is set for inauguration of Gaiety Theatre after completing its restoration work at a cost of Rs. 11.48 crore for about five years and nine months. Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal, Chief Minister Himachal , will formally dedicate it … Continue reading


The Himalayas stretches across six nations,    i.e. India, Bhutan, China, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It runs west to east from the Indus river valley to the Brahamaputra river valley. Thus it forms a long arc of 2400 kms. The Himalayan chain consists of three parallel   ranges. They encompasses a very large number of glaciers. Siachen is notable among them, the … Continue reading