Canadian Ebola vaccine testing begins. The testing is slated to begin within weeks and so there are some positive signs after a long period of gloom. There is finally some hope to Ebola patients. Almost the whole world seems to … Continue reading

This was unknown fever in this part of the world. Mosquitoes borne chikungunya virus infects more than 200 Canadians A disease caused by a virus transmitted by mosquitoes is on the rise in Canada. Till now more than 200 Canadians … Continue reading

63k children in US suffer from medication errors each year. It is known fact that medication care is taken among children. A wrong medication could be fatal. Despite this fact a medication mistake among young children is nothing new in … Continue reading

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Its memories haunt people even now. It made things worse for the entire population at the time. 1934 dust bowl worst drought in 1k-years in Americas A latest study that was very exhaustive has concluded that the famous or rather … Continue reading

Miracle Mile Walk once again brought thousands of breast cancer survivors and their loved ones together for the walk Cancer is a killer disease. Moreover for many it is a cause of concern. But over the years many had survived … Continue reading

Is it fear of running longer for burning calories or putting on weight? Soda drinks warning prompts US teens to change habits Health messages work. This is what researchers have found in England. On their way to study teenagers’ purchasing … Continue reading

Cigarette packets to now carry health warnings on 85% of packets. This is going to give the packs all the more menacing look Cigarette kills. There is no denying the fact. It is among the biggest killers in the world, … Continue reading

Cold temperature can turn bad fat into good one. I am sure if this is established, many obese people will shift to colder places from warmer locations With obesity on the rise many researchers are being done to find out … Continue reading

SC agrees to hear petition against withdrawal of internal guidelines by NPPA. If this is not done, many essential medicines for sugar, blood pressure, cancer and other ailments will become out of reach of common people. India’s Supreme Court is … Continue reading

Diabetics to produce their own insulin thanks to stem cell success . Scientists suggest that stem cell success means hope for Type 1 cure For many years scientists have been working to find ways to cure type 1 diabetes. And … Continue reading

Increased toilet coverage has little or no health impact. This is the finding of an Emory University research team. Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan of Prime Minister is underway across the country. He has almost roped in ‘who is who’ of the … Continue reading

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This seems rather very disappointing. Three infants die after measles vaccine administration in UP India still seems to be a poor, third world nation. Notwithstanding the fact that we successfully sent Chandrayaan on the moon and now we have successfully … Continue reading

Fast-food chains cut calories in their menu. This seems rather very good that fast food companies are doing this. As awareness regarding healthy food is spreading fast in many parts of the world, including the USA, there is pressure on … Continue reading

Alzheimer’s is a cause of concern for doctors. Moreover detecting signs of the disease has been at the centre of scientific research for a long time. Doctors strongly believe that earlier detection could help in treatment of the disease. Many … Continue reading