This is going to be an eye opener for millions of people across the world. Low-carb diet reduces body fat When fat accumulates in the body it gives trouble. And hence many doctors suggest a diet that is low on … Continue reading

This gives great hope to millions of people. New cholesterol-lowering pill manages 61% reduction in LDL-C Alirocumab is the talk of the medical fraternity. They are all praise for this pill and have touted it as an amazing cholesterol-lowering pill. … Continue reading

Darapladib after ACS did not lower risk for patients in case of CHD death, MI and coronary revascularization Researchers after detailed study and research have concluded that Darapladib is of no benefit at all in ACS patients. Researchers say that … Continue reading

By Kareem Shaheen BEIRUT: How do you deal with sexual dysfunction or safe sex when even the mention of it at home is enough to elicit gasps of embarrassment and shock? Sandrine Atallah, a clinical sexologist, has some of the … Continue reading

sex issues in Lebanon

It is a sort of breakthrough. Novartis heart failure drug is best of its kind in a decade. It has been tested on 8k+ people This is going to be game changer when it comes to treating heart ailments. Many … Continue reading

People seem to be really SHOCKKKED. Brain eating amoeba has been seen in Louisiana potable water Usually water supply is safe. But this has not been the case for the Louisiana communities of Reserve, Garyville and Mount Airy. Reports have … Continue reading

Novel heart failure drug by Novartis is really very promising. It will give hope to millions of people across the world. For years doctors and scientists have been working to discover drug to treat heart failure or to minimize its … Continue reading

WHO in its latest report has said that the global warming is irreversible and it brings new health threats. The emissions of greenhouse gases are not good for the environment. They are found to be playing the most crucial role … Continue reading

Everyone want to keep miles away from electric shocks and jolts. But jolts of electricity are good for brain memory Improving brain memory has been a complex issue. Scientists have been working to unravel this for long and it appears … Continue reading

Experimental Ebola vaccine, human test looms. This is going to be the first medicine to treat ebola patients. The continuous report about deaths of people in West African countries from the killer virus Ebola has forced the world community to … Continue reading

CDC says majority US kids are getting their vaccines .Despite high rates of children in the US getting vaccination, the government agency is trying its best to achieve higher target. Data released by the U.S. Centres for Disease Control and … Continue reading

A latest study proves that blood pressure goes up at high altitude and many a times drugs don’t lower. This is going to further raise blood pressure of those people who suffer from high blood pressure. Their chances of going … Continue reading

Nigerian quarantined in Mumbai hospital over Ebola threat. The man who travelled from Nigeria to Mumbai via UAE was suffering from high fever, running nose. There is no denying the fact that Ebola is creating a sort panic across the … Continue reading

E-cigarettes with nicotine need restrictions, claim experts. But there is also a report that suggests that e-cigarettes may help smokers quit Since the popularizing of E-cigarettes in the US and other European countries, the object continues to be at the … Continue reading