Free Eye Checkup camp for children under 15 ALIGARH: The Department of Community Medicine, JN Medical College, Aligarh Muslim University is organizing an eye checkup camp for children under fifteen years of age on 24th August 2014 at Holi Chowk, … Continue reading

New York and Tokyo have very different sleep pattern. There are many cities in US where sleeping is not taken that seriously. People sleep and take rest according to their convenience. The lifestyle varies from cities to cities. And on … Continue reading

Teen birth rate down 57% in US. For many people this is a good news. It was very frustrating reading so much about teenagers giving birth to children when they were still kids. Though overall teenage childbirth instance is coming … Continue reading

Fitness boosts kids’ brainpower for short period. Researchers were unable to find its impact on kids in the long term. Fitness is great for the overall health of a person. For kids too, fitness is of paramount importance. A latest … Continue reading

WHO says Ebola has killed at least 1200 people. Who and experts believe that the fight against Ebola is rather complicated When the first case of Ebola virus had surfaced in March of this year in an impoverished country of … Continue reading

Looting of Ebola clinic in Liberia creates scare. Things are looking like really very scary. The outbreak of Ebola in some West African countries, including Liberia, has left officials deeply worried. For some days they have been struggling to contain … Continue reading

There is finally some hope for many people across the world. Bone marrow drug useful in balding, hair loss drug Can bald people grow hair? This and other questions have been at the centre of scientific research for years. Despite … Continue reading


Avastin for cervical cancer treatment gets FDA nod. This is set to be a welcome news for many people. Cancer patients are going to get a new hope as Avastin for cancer treatment has been cleared by United States’ Food … Continue reading

Atomic force microscope accuracy goes up 20 times. Though there may be some issues in handling the microscope, nonetheless the trouble is going to be sorted out. Things are going to improve tremendously when it comes to the efficiency of … Continue reading

Vitamin D deficiency and its adverse impact on health. Vitamin D is crucial for health and its deficiency could be fatal. Also, researchers have found that the deficiency of Vitamin D in body could lead to many medical complications. According … Continue reading

It is going nowhere in a hurry. Ebola crisis is set to last sometimes. Meanwhile beware fake ebola treatments, drugs As the deadly Ebola disease wreck havoc in the West African countries there has been talk about the use of … Continue reading

To err is human seems to have been proved right. Error and mistake memories speed up learning Unraveling the mystery of memories has been the biggest challenge for scientists all these years. Many researchers have been done to understand how … Continue reading

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This is definitely a cause of worry for officials in the state. Synthetic, smacked marijuana prompts health emergency in New Hampshire A public health emergency has been declared in New Hampshire. Its governor Maggie Hassan was forced to make such … Continue reading

This is beyond any comprehension. Ebola is spreading like plague and death toll has crossed 1,145 mark in West Africa. A few months ago when deadly virus Ebola had surfaced in some West African countries some had thought that within … Continue reading