FDA advises against Morcellator use in gynecologic procedure   Doctors using surgical device in treatment of hysterectomies have been instructed to stop using it for fear of potential spread of cancer. This has been confirmed by Food and Drug Administration. … Continue reading


E-cigarettes dangerous and injurious   Cigarettes kill: It is a known fact. But despite the debilitating health impact of cigarettes there are many people who here attracted towards it. There is no dearth of chain smokers in India and other … Continue reading


Recipe for superflu, H5N1 bird flu 5 mutations away   I am sure this is going to unnerve many people across the world. Reports suggest that H5N1 bird flu is just 5 mutations away and protection has become very important … Continue reading

Harsh winter follows up with spring allergies in United States   Weather across the world has been unpredictable with some parts hit by extreme winter and others by heat. For long it appeared that it would not come to end. … Continue reading

This is simply path breaking. At least four girls who were hopeless about their future as women have been given almost a new life.   The girls who had abnormal vaginas and were unsure about their future as women, have … Continue reading

From onward the fact that prostate cancer cases are misdiagnosed very often will be high on many people’s mind The news that the most common disease in the UK is prostate cancer is worrying. But more than that what might … Continue reading


Its results have been amazing, to say the least. Researchers say that experimental Hepatitis drug is 95% successful Hepatitis C is a deadly disease. It has potential to damage the liver. In many countries, including the UK, it is spreading … Continue reading

Sylvia Burwell confirmed as HHS secretary WASHINGTON: U.S. President Barack Obama announced on Friday Sylvia Burwell as his nomination to be Secretary of Health and Human Services and replace Kathleen Sebelius who resigned on Thursday.   “I am proud to … Continue reading

Aspirin can prevent cmplications during pregnancy. Aspirin is a commonly used medicine. It is used by many to treat mild to moderate pain. In India too many people use it for immediate relief from moderate pain. The common perception is … Continue reading


The medical science is marching ahead at blazing fast speed. Vaginas, nostrils grown in the lab With the advancement of science and medicine, governments started pumping money into researches of finding treatment to deadly diseases. Besides, scientists in the US … Continue reading

We knew it all these years and had no doubt about its effectiveness. A latest report suggests that exercise cuts COPD complications.   The benefit of regular exercise is well established across the world. Not only doctors but also elderly … Continue reading

Running good form

Tamiflu, Relenza ineffective: bird flu needs 5 mutations to spread Whenever people, including adults and children, suffer from influenza the first thing they do is to take two well-known drugs: Tamiflu and Relenza. The common perception is that it plays … Continue reading

bird flu

Antiviral drug stockpile of no use, billions of dollars wasted So the efforts were a waste of time and energy. There is no doubt about it. Experts are now saying that governments that stockpile antiviral drugs and then make immense … Continue reading

Mumbai: Sun Pharma Chairman has refuted charges of insider trading in the run up to announce the merger of Ranbaxy in the Sun Pharma.   Ranbaxy shares had gone up substantially hours before the $4-billion merger announcement last week.   … Continue reading