Paper money has superbug methicillin-resistant, 3000 other bacteria types   Are we going to be awaken after this damning report? Paper money has superbug methicillin-resistant, 3000 other bacteria types   Paper Money may be more harmful than the toilet seat. … Continue reading

Whooping cough and effect vaccination   How whooping cough is caused? A new study reveals surprising and new findings about the bacteria’s origin and evolution. It is understood that it will help doctors and governments to check the spread of … Continue reading

Many experts are of the view that Roche’s breast cancer drug Kadcyla is not worth its price How much can be the right price for Roche’s breast cancer drug Kadcyla? Notwithstanding the drug getting lots of praise, many people have … Continue reading

Anxiety following false-positive mammogram results end early   For every person this is like bad dream. A positive mammogram result may be a bad news for anyone among us. And the same impact is made on the person if a … Continue reading

Roche’s breast cancer drug Kadcyla price far too high There is no denying the fact that Roche’s Kadcyla is a very effective breast cancer drug. Its positive impacts on the patients suffering from breast cancer have been praised by doctors … Continue reading

Internet connects retirees with others, saves from depression   Loneliness is the biggest and the most depressing aspect of elderly people’s life. As they age, the number of people they interact with starts going down and in many cases most … Continue reading


Malignant melanoma rises five times since 70s     More and more people are being diagnosed of malignant melanoma these days. In 1970, their numbers were five times less than what it is today, according to experts. But the silver … Continue reading


Infertility treatment in focus   Is your state “fertility friendly”? This and others questions are being debated on the National Infertility Week. Its importance is being felt at a time when the National Infertility Association has released its annual Fertility … Continue reading

Sarepta’s Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) drug Eteplirsen gets lifeline by FDA   Sarepta Therapeutics Inc’s shares jumped to a record high as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) showed its preparedness to approve its experimental muscle disorder drug.   … Continue reading

Medtronic CoreValve heart valve implant injunction postponed   There is something to cheer for Medtronic’s top executives. The U.S. appeals court has reportedly not banned the company’s very popular CoreValve heart valve implant.   Company’s CoreValve heart valve implant is … Continue reading


Chronic inflammation can tell about prostate cancer Is There A Link Between Prostate Cancer And Chronic Inflammation? Like other diseases, prostate cancer has been a cause of worry for scientists across the world. For years they have been working to … Continue reading


Chronic pain is genetic: Study   If some people can tolerate pain there are many who are not able to withstand pain. Why does it happen? The question has been a mystery until a new research surfaced. It has been … Continue reading


Wikipedia traffic can predict flu levels 2 weeks before CDCP   Wikipedia traffic can predict flu levels 2 weeks before CDCP, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.   Wikipedia, the internet based encyclopedia used to give you information on everything. … Continue reading

Cognitive motor skills or brain function begins to decline after 24   It doesn’t happen in thirties or forties as many people thought. A latest reports suggests that cognitive abilities are at their highest at 24 years of age and … Continue reading

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