Instead of making it public, the maker of common blood thinner Pradaxa kept safety data a secret The knowledge of safety of any drug to healthcare service providers is crucial. And that is why pharmaceutical companies are asked to reveal … Continue reading

Obese but unaware: How do obese children see themselves? Having right estimation of one’s weight is the first step in the fight against obesity, according to researchers. However, things in the US are different in the sense that many adolescents … Continue reading

China bubonic plague death has caused concern across the world. Meanwhile Yumen city of Gansu province has been quarantined The sudden death of a man of bubonic plague in Yumen city of Gansu province has alerted officials in China. It … Continue reading

This is going to be a tough time for many people. California firm issues fruit recall for listeria contamination The possible concern of presence of listeria contamination has forced a company in central California to recall its fresh fruit. Following … Continue reading

This may look like very far-fetched to many. But it is true. A latest research has concluded that fatty food may cause loss of smell Fatty foods are not good for health. They cause obesity, heart attack, blood pressure and … Continue reading

Deadly virus detected in camel barn showing bigger threat Dubai: Researchers have detected genetic fragments of deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) in the air of a barn housing a camel infected with the virus. MERS is a serious … Continue reading

A latest study has concluded that yogurt with multiple probiotics lowers blood pressure. But the consumption of yogurt must be on regular basis. If you are suffering from blood pressure, this may be a great news for you and many … Continue reading


Researchers develop laser ‘bomb sniffers’, can find tiniest explosives. This will help save many lives in the days to come. Laser bomb sniffers are going to save many sniffer dogs and other experts life while checking and defusing many bombs … Continue reading

This is a welcome news indeed. HIV diagnosis rates in U.S. decline by 30%, a CDC report has said. UN has claimed that HIV and AIDS will become extinct from the entire world by the year 2030. Though many people … Continue reading

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Deadly mosquito virus reported in eastern Mass. is encephalitis virus. The virus is fatal and can spread rather fast. Residents of Massachusetts have to be careful this summer. The threat is not from the weather but from the fatal Eastern … Continue reading


This is a timely warning and people should take it seriously. FDA says powdered caffeine is lethal. 5 things to know  about it. The death of a high school senior in Ohio has once again shifted the focus on caffeine … Continue reading

This was never seen in the country, while Africa and Asia suffered from it. Blazing fast spread of the mosquito-borne Chikungunya virus in US A disease that has been an epidemic in the Caribbean has reached the US. It is … Continue reading

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crash is being mourned by All. AIDS Society is mourning AIDS experts’ death in the unwanted tragedy. The shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH 17 by separatists in Ukraine has left many in the … Continue reading

New York, July 19 (IANS) Omega-3 fish oil could save the brain from alcohol-related damage and dementia by up to 90 percent, a new study says. Researchers have found that brain cells exposed to high levels of alcohol were protected … Continue reading

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