Life under Antarctic ice has been confirmed so should we expect aliens on Mars, elsewhere too. Till now it was never thought that life would survive under Antarctic. The reason: cold and sun never reaches such spots. But the discovery … Continue reading

Dinosaur footprints all set to go on public display in Utah. This is the site that has around 200 fossilized tracks. Dinosaurs seem to be everywhere. Almost on a daily basis more and more dinosaur fossils and their body parts … Continue reading

California drought is becoming worse. Scientists wonder if we can use Earth’s crust to address our water woes. American west is going dry by almost every passing day. The earth has so much dried up in the last few years … Continue reading

a new study says that animal calls show resembles human language. Things are fast becoming very clear that animals too speak. A latest report has come out with an amazing finding. The study claims that animals too make similar sounds … Continue reading

It is brimming with activity down under. Life found a kilometer below Antarctic ice, 4k species of microbes in Lake Whillans Nobody had ever thought that microscopic life would flourish in the world’s most cold place deprived of sunlight for … Continue reading

Humans ate snails 30k years ago. A latest study suggests that humans used to eat snails some 30000 years ago in Spain and elsewhere. For years scientists have been trying to find out how humans in ancient times lived and … Continue reading

Terrifying city-dwelling spiders have better fertility. The study also says that they are bigger compared to their village counterparts. Spiders are common creature. They are found in bush land and even in urban areas. For years scientists have been keeping … Continue reading

Antarctic find boosts hopes of alien lifeforms in space. But many say that it is far too early to believe something like this Is there life in the solar system? For many years scientists have been doing researches to solve … Continue reading

Neanderthals and humans coexisted in Europe for thousands of years and Neanderthals copied human body art and several other things due to this very fact. A latest research has concluded that modern humans and Neanderthals co-existed in Europe for thousands … Continue reading

They must have looked great. Toothless flying dinosaur Dragon Pterosaurs died 90m years ago Another breed of dinosaur has come to the notice of researchers. They were huge flying dinosaurs and amazingly they had no tooth. This is amazing to … Continue reading

Pristine toothless flying dinosaurs had wingspan of small airplane. Man would have certainly flown it, had it lived at the time. Dragon that ruled the world millions and millions of years ago had no tooth. This seems rather amusing as … Continue reading

Iceland has been thrashed by at least 3k earthquakes. Reports suggest that magma is moving furiously under the volcano. A powerful eruption may shut European airspace for several days.   It is simply unbelievable. As many as three thousand earthquakes … Continue reading

Weirdest worm out, measures just 0.2 to 1.4 inches and is the most unlikely form of life. Researchers have stumbled upon a rather very bizarre looking animal’s fossil. Initially they were unable to actually think about any animal with the … Continue reading

Indian poachers targeting Pangolin, Star Tortoise besides others. They have been doing it in very professional manner. With India tightening its screw on wildlife poachers involved in killing of iconic endangered species like tigers and rhinos, the poachers have shifted … Continue reading