Omnipresent camel crickets ATTACK US homes. They are going to become more visible in the coming days. A cricket is at the centre of attraction. Scientists have been monitoring its movement and found that it has been spreading across the … Continue reading

Russian space-sex gecko experiment goes kaput. All the five geckos lose their life without any crime of their own. Russian space-sex gecko test seems to have been an utter flop. The astronauts and scientists behind the research had thought that … Continue reading

A latest study has concluded that killer whale population is dwindling fast in Puget Sound Killer whales are at the centre of attraction. What got them under the scanner were two deaths. Following which it has been established that the … Continue reading

History of passenger pigeon of the US, from billions to none. No other species became extinct so fast. Passenger Pigeon was one of the most ubiquitous birds across the US for a very long time. Not much time has passed … Continue reading

Sourly missed: The Last passenger pigeon died a century ago. From billions to none, it is complete extinction in a matter of decades Martha is an important identity. And this could only be understood from the fact that bird lovers … Continue reading

Passenger pigeons’ extinction was brute and quite fast indeed. From Billions to none, it was shocking. Martha is at the centre of attraction. Known as last passenger pigeon, Martha died on September 1, 1914. She is remembered even today. Mark … Continue reading

Wild rabbits were domesticated by gene adaptation, a latest study has found. This study gives precise reason of gene adaptation. Rabbits like many other animals including dogs, cattle, sheep goats and pigs, were once wild animals. It was only 9,000 … Continue reading

Paleo Eskimos of North American Arctic region mystery has been solved through the DNA analysis. It is indeed very interesting. Some 4,000 years ago, Paleo-Eskimos lived in the Arctic. They not only staid there but also survived the harsh conditions … Continue reading

They evolved into humans and researchers claim that four limed fish walked on land. Study hypothesizes the behavioural changes. Scientists believe that hundreds of millions of years ago, the fish that they believe were ancestors of humans actually lived across … Continue reading

fish stem tetrapod

Life under Antarctic ice has been confirmed so should we expect aliens on Mars, elsewhere too. Till now it was never thought that life would survive under Antarctic. The reason: cold and sun never reaches such spots. But the discovery … Continue reading

Dinosaur footprints all set to go on public display in Utah. This is the site that has around 200 fossilized tracks. Dinosaurs seem to be everywhere. Almost on a daily basis more and more dinosaur fossils and their body parts … Continue reading

California drought is becoming worse. Scientists wonder if we can use Earth’s crust to address our water woes. American west is going dry by almost every passing day. The earth has so much dried up in the last few years … Continue reading

a new study says that animal calls show resembles human language. Things are fast becoming very clear that animals too speak. A latest report has come out with an amazing finding. The study claims that animals too make similar sounds … Continue reading

It is brimming with activity down under. Life found a kilometer below Antarctic ice, 4k species of microbes in Lake Whillans Nobody had ever thought that microscopic life would flourish in the world’s most cold place deprived of sunlight for … Continue reading