Nuclear bombs may flop compared to asteroids hitting Earth   Till the surfacing of this study people and scientists had no idea about the impact of asteroids on the Earth. The common perception was that asteroids that have been falling … Continue reading

Genetic analysis shows humans owe a lot to Neanderthals Humans owe a lot to Neanderthals and the two are very close genetically. A latest study suggests that Neanderthals despite having several similarities to prehistoric humans lacked some social behaviors that … Continue reading

European Space Agency (ESA) has said that its Sentinel-1A satellite(s) will improve floods, volcanoes, quakes predictions in the coming days.   The world of space is buzzing with activity. There is no denying the fact that we have seen a … Continue reading

It is understood that sharks find their prey through their noses. With their sense of strong smell they are bang on target.   To confirm this researchers planned a study. The first thing they did was to uses several methods … Continue reading

We all have thought about it and didn’t find satisfactory response. But finally Zebra stripes mystery has been solved.   Have you ever mulled on why Zebra have stripes? If you have not, don’t worry as scientists for ages have … Continue reading

The good news for bird lovers is that the endangered American bald eagles are making a comeback. The whole proceedings of the eagle nesting and laying of eggs and then hatching have been captured live.   A live webcam has … Continue reading

Total lunar eclipse is set for April 15. To be true 4 eclipses in a row happens once 15 years. From Mid April till 2015 end, we will witness 4 full lunar eclipses. There is no denying the fact that … Continue reading

Was it for commercial purpose or scientific purpose. Japan whaling intentions in Antarctic questioned and banned by International Court of Justice (ICJ)   For some time whaling in Antarctic has turned out to be a bone of contention between Australia … Continue reading

They may be of miniscule size, nonetheless Rasberry crazy ants are deadly. After terrorizing 20 nations, they attack Houston   Many Houston residents are girding up to fight ant since reports surfaced about the prospect of the insects invading their … Continue reading

This seems rather very enticing. Pre-historic sea animal used same method to find food as modern whales You will be surprised to know that old sea animals used the same method to find food as the new one. Researchers understood … Continue reading


This is simply massive and at least three times bigger than then sea turtle ever known. Car sized sea turtle bone found, lived 75m years ago near New Jersey This seems very unlikely. Two parts of a massive sea turtles … Continue reading


This seems to be a great discovery for scientists. Two halves of huge sea turtle humerus’s bone found 200 years apart. How large can a sea turtle be? One may say that scientists are well placed to answer this question … Continue reading


‘Chicken from hell’ is not roasted chicken, but a huge 500 pound dinosaur. Scientists suggest that it was a dangerous beast and it would have been scary for humans to face it. ‘Chicken from hell’ is not really a form … Continue reading

dinosaur Torvosaurus european

This is going to revolutionise and further improve big bang theory. See back to the beginning of time thanks to big bang waves Understanding early universe has been a mystery for scientists. But now it appears that a new finding … Continue reading