This is a very encouraging news for environmentalists as extinction of giant tortoises has been reversed. They seem to have come back The extinction of some animals has been a cause of worry for researchers, biologists and conservationists. In many … Continue reading

Africa’s Lions, aliens in US, are all set to become protected animals in the US. Though they seem to be from faraway lands, these ferocious looking lions from Africa are actually a favorite among the Americans. Americans kill the largest … Continue reading


Dinosaur of the seas, Megalodon sharks’ terror ended 2.6m years ago. They were the most dreadful living creatures in the whole world for a very long time. They were comparable to biggest dinosaurs or even bigger and ruled the seas … Continue reading

45k-year-old femur shows humans and Neanderthal went ‘TOGETHER’ to bed Never before a bone has been at the centre of attraction as this one that was found in Siberia that too accidentally by a Russian artist who was looking for … Continue reading

This may look like a plot straight from Hollywood sci-fi film. But it is true. Chimps raid farms, enjoy sex Chimps raiding farms to find food: this is something that many of us might have read in books. But till … Continue reading

Researchers belonged to different nations and funded by Korea reunite missing remains of biggest dinosaur bones It was nearly 50 years ago when fossil of dinosaur was discovered in Mongolia. Since then it was at the centre of scientific research … Continue reading

Biggest beast: toothless dinosaur’s fossils discovered. It is far bigger than anything that we have discovered till now. No other dinosaur can match it in size or agility We thought that we had already seen the biggest dinosaur in the … Continue reading

All of them are not heartless killers. In US they save lives. NOAA drones to save whales, marine mammals. Conservation of animal has been a cause of concern. For long researchers and environmentalists have been working out ways to make … Continue reading

Sidewinder snake robot out-performs real snakes on sandy surface. This is the first time that it has been made possible. Sidewinder robotic and real snakes are being tested by Georgia Tech researchers. The natural and very mean looking sidewinder real … Continue reading

snake Sidewinder

Humans seem to be responsible for many ills facing the earth. Cheetah population decline caused by global warming The global warming is not only having a debilitating impact on the humans. Even animals are at the receiving end. If in … Continue reading

Bullfrog invasion spreading across US. This is particularly true in case of America’s Yellowstone river American bullfrogs are at the centre of attraction. They have grabbed headlines for the reason that these hungry bullfrogs, found to invade the Yellowstone River … Continue reading

Map of global seafloor shows thousands of seamounts. This is such a wonderful sight that it is going viral since being reported Washington, Oct 3 (IANS) To better understand continent formation, scientists have created a new map of the seafloor, … Continue reading

The mystery behind monarch butterfly migration for 3000 miles has been solved. DNA tests reveal the gene behind the feat Monarch butterflies are beautiful but very vulnerable species. But this doesn’t stop it from travelling thousands of miles to save … Continue reading

Washington, Oct 2 (IANS) The Ocean of Storms on the near side of the moon, a giant basin often referred to as the “man in the moon”, likely arose not from a massive asteroid strike but from a large plume … Continue reading