They were thought to have become extinct some sixty years. But they have been found. Kashmir musk deer or Afghan VAMPIRE DEER sighted. A long-forgotten species of deer is the talk of wildlife specialists. Since its discovery by researchers of … Continue reading

deer Fanged in afghanistan

Plans to protect the Great Barrier Reef go kaput. Experts have called existing plans faulty Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Moreover, it is the only living thing on earth to be … Continue reading

This is a very encouraging news for environmentalists as extinction of giant tortoises has been reversed. They seem to have come back The extinction of some animals has been a cause of worry for researchers, biologists and conservationists. In many … Continue reading

Population control can’t avert global environmental crisis. The study was conducted by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. As global warming is on the rise there are talks on how to address it. And as the changes are having … Continue reading

Colder winters and global warming are closely linked. researchers have said that colder winters are caused by global warming Global warming has split the researcher community. If there are some who strongly feel that colder winters are a sign of … Continue reading

A world war three or for that matter even an Armageddon couldn’t control population With human population on the rise there is concern that it could have an impact on the planet’s resources. Understanding the population changes is crucial for … Continue reading

River of molten lava beneath Hawaii homes. This is the reason that the Hawaiian village Pahoa has been evacuated as Kilauea lava threatens The Kilauea volcano is at the centre of attraction. The overflowing of the lava has threatened residents … Continue reading


India’s union minister Prakash Javadekar asks developed world to act on climate change, not just talk as they have been doing for a long time. Climate change has turned out to be a reality. And to address this issue world … Continue reading

Africa’s Lions, aliens in US, are all set to become protected animals in the US. Though they seem to be from faraway lands, these ferocious looking lions from Africa are actually a favorite among the Americans. Americans kill the largest … Continue reading


Dinosaur of the seas, Megalodon sharks’ terror ended 2.6m years ago. They were the most dreadful living creatures in the whole world for a very long time. They were comparable to biggest dinosaurs or even bigger and ruled the seas … Continue reading

The sun seems to be becoming more and more active these days. Solar flare 2014: X class solar storm cause radio blackouts An intense solar storm from the active star has been noticed. The development is the fourth in less … Continue reading

solar flare 2

Robert Scott’s notebook RECOVERED from Antarctic ice. It is at least hundred years old and was lost during an expedition. Robert Scott died more than 100 years ago. But his legacy continues to remain. And the discovery of his notebook … Continue reading

Former minister in United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Jai Ramesh has urged union government to tackle climate change issue Climate change is having a debilitating impact on health of Indians. Added to it is pollution and contamination worry. There are fears … Continue reading

45k-year-old femur shows humans and Neanderthal went ‘TOGETHER’ to bed Never before a bone has been at the centre of attraction as this one that was found in Siberia that too accidentally by a Russian artist who was looking for … Continue reading