Big firms agree to cut use of coolants, potent greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gas is not good for environment. For long governments and policy makers have been thinking for ways to cut back on a potent greenhouse gas. Many voluntary measures … Continue reading

Early Earth wasn’t that hot, Zircon Crystals say it was very PLEASANT and as good as it is today. It was not as hot as we thought thus far How much time has passed since the formation of Earth? If … Continue reading

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They are talking about climate change slowdown. But it is nowhere. Brazil’s ‘flying rivers’ dry up Climate change and deforestation are having an impact on Brazil. The country is devoid of rain as climate change has resulted in not producing … Continue reading

Climate changes threaten American birds and hundreds of birds may see decline in numbers and altogether extinction. We all know that climate changes are not good for the humans and environment. Moreover species too are facing the heat because of … Continue reading

EU, US blast Iceland, Japan for whaling. Iceland has been very bitterly criticized by both European Union and United States. Japan’s intention to continue whaling is turning out to be a contentious issue. The controversy had raged after Japan announced … Continue reading

This may look like very far-fetched conclusion. But scientists claim that climate change threatens 50% American birds Climate change is taking its toll across the world. But there are some parts that are feeling the heat the most. The case … Continue reading

India, EU stress need for climate change pact immediately. European Union in the meantime says that disasters like flood in Jammu and Kashmir might have been caused by it. New Delhi: European Union has said that it is looking forward … Continue reading

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Dog is the most favourite food of leopards in India, a latest study has concluded. What does leopards eat in India’s human-dominated agricultural landscapes? For years this and other questions have been at the centre of scientific research. Many stories … Continue reading

World’s first swimming dinosaur found in Morocco completes troika of walking, flying and swimming dinosaurs. After unearthing fossils of a huge leaf eating dinosaur in Africa, another huge dinosaur has been unearthed in the continent. But this dinosaur has been … Continue reading

Gibbon genome has been sequenced. It may give new insights in human diseases like cancer A new development is going to give scientists new insight into human diseases. This is also going to help them find new remedies and reasons … Continue reading

Solar storm 2014: will radio communication on earth be impacted? A latest report suggests that indeed this may be the case. If the communications systems and power systems on the Earth get hit then don’t get alarmed. The main reason … Continue reading

Is pelvis bone useless for whales? This is what people thought thus far. But now there are reasons to vouch for its great use. Washington: Is pelvis bone useless for whales? Many thought so thus far as there was apparently … Continue reading

Hundreds of US bird species becoming extinct. This may seem unbelievable to many people. But the prediction seems true when studied closely. Climate change is not just becoming very dangerous for humans throughout the world but also for birds too. … Continue reading

Coral trout needs a hunting partner. But it is very choosy when it comes to finding the right partner. Nature has equipped skills to the smallest of creature to hunt down prey and survive. The case of colourful fish called … Continue reading