California’s whale surge may be detrimental for sea life. A latest reprot says that blue whales roam close to busy shipping lanes For years animals and humans have lived side by side and survived. But with the passage of time … Continue reading

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This seems to be amazing to many people. Grizzly bear feeding site unearthed Grizzly bears are not new to the world. A lot is known about this animal. But till now many had known about its feeding site. But this … Continue reading

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This may look very amazing to many people in other parts of the world. but Climate is a f…ing excuse for new taxes, say Americans Global warming is a reality across the world, sparking debate among environmentalists and sceptics. The … Continue reading

Bats’ AMAZING internal compass seems to have taken the scientists working on the project by surprise This is going to be very exciting news for scientists and biologists across the world. Bats have been a sort of mystery for people … Continue reading

A latest study has concluded that offshore wind farms are attracting seals & preys too There is no denying the fact that human intervention and climate change is playing havoc with both wild and marine life. And a latest study … Continue reading

Global warming ‘pause’ natural fluctuation. Climate change continues to be at the centre of attraction. If there are some who express their deep concern over global warming then there are many who strongly feel that the slowdown or pause was … Continue reading

This seems to be certainly very ALARMING. Offshore wind farms now seal hunting grounds, a latest study says. Dr Russell added that although the study and its findings are notable, they do not rule out the possibility of adverse impacts … Continue reading

A latest UN report has finally concluded that climate records were actually shattered in 2013 The climate changes have now turned out to be the reality. New report release recently shows that how global warming is having a debilitating impact … Continue reading

Scientists investigating Siberia’s huge hole claim that there was not nothing mysterious about it at all. The enormous and mysterious hole that has appeared in a remote corner of Russia continues to be at the centre of scientific research. Its … Continue reading

For Delhi’s clogged road this may be godsend. Researchers develop new software to provide real time traffic data. It is accurate, inesxpensive. Just think that you have to reach an important place or your office on time and you have … Continue reading

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Beijing, July 20 (IANS) Direct economic losses caused by super typhoon Rammasun amounted to 26.55 billion yuan ($4.32 billion) in south China, official figures said Sunday. The strongest typhoon in four decades has ravaged 468,500 hectares of crops and destroyed … Continue reading

New Delhi, July 20 (IANS) The national capital experienced a muggy Sunday, with the maximum temperature recorded at 34 degrees Celsius, a notch above the season’s average. The Met Office has forecast a cloudy Monday with rain in some parts … Continue reading