Y chromosome has active genes that benefit male throughout life   Y chromosome was a sort of mystery and scientists didn’t know that it did much except that it differentiated males from females.   But if a recent study is … Continue reading

y chromosome

After decades of efforts the mystery is finally solved. Antarctic Quack sound source is minke whale   A quacking sound near Antarctica had always amazed scientists and oceanographers. The origin of the sound was not known and there was no … Continue reading

Nuclear bombs may flop compared to asteroids hitting Earth   Till the surfacing of this study people and scientists had no idea about the impact of asteroids on the Earth. The common perception was that asteroids that have been falling … Continue reading

Monkeys adept in mathematic reasoning   Solving math riddles have always been a difficult thing for many of us. There are many among us who sweats when asked to do math. So thinking of asking animals to do math would … Continue reading

Neanderthals humans gene analysis: Report   For long there have been talk about similarities between Neanderthals and the humans. Earlier, researches have been done in this field. But never before it was found that how closely they were linked with … Continue reading

Genetic analysis shows humans owe a lot to Neanderthals Humans owe a lot to Neanderthals and the two are very close genetically. A latest study suggests that Neanderthals despite having several similarities to prehistoric humans lacked some social behaviors that … Continue reading

Can meteor impact glass preserve Martian life?   Some scientists are busy finding out sign of existence of life on Mars, the Red planet. And to get to the depth of story they have zeroed in on meteors fallen on … Continue reading

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Neanderthal and prehistoric humans very close genetically   Were the humans and Neanderthals alike? For long this question has been worrying not only scientists but also the human beings. Many theories have been floating on this issue but till now … Continue reading

Krypton gas or Atom Trap Trace to determine age of ice cores   How old is Earth’s oldest and densest polar ice? It may take you ages to find out the answer to the tricky question, but not any more … Continue reading

Antarctic flood

Lyrid meteor shower live stream available on Slooh.Com   The Earth Day comes with a gift for sky watchers. On April 22 as people gird up to celebrate Earth Day, many will get an opportunity to watch unusual light display … Continue reading

Meteorite leaves a trail of light over Russian sky   Russian media seems to be immensely excited about the meteor that flew over Russia.   In the year 2012 a 20 meter big rock that exploded around twenty miles above … Continue reading

Lyrid meteor shower peaks tonight: Time, how to watch live   For sky watcher there is good news: the Lyrid meteor shower is to take place this week. Come April 22 the much-talked about meteor will be visible to many. … Continue reading

climate change worsening wildfires in the West   Wildfires are not new for some parts of the USA. The country has been battling it for long. It appears that there is no relief from it after new research suggested that … Continue reading

15 bird species in India on the heels of becoming extinct   NVONews.Com Desk   Is India becoming inhospitable towards birds? We know by now that house sparrow has almost disappeared from our cities and even villages and many people … Continue reading