They evolved into humans and researchers claim that four limed fish walked on land. Study hypothesizes the behavioural changes. Scientists believe that hundreds of millions of years ago, the fish that they believe were ancestors of humans actually lived across … Continue reading

fish stem tetrapod

Monarch Butterflies Need Federal Protection As They Disappear From the US. Reports Suggest That As Many As 90% of Them Are Already Lost. Monarch butterflies are becoming extinct in the US, almost. A latest report reveals that as many as … Continue reading

Iceland says volcano aviation threat may be long term. The warning comes as as earthquakes rock Iceland The suspense over eruption of Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland continues. Since the activities started in the region a few days ago the area … Continue reading

Climate change poses major and unprecedented risk for health. The worst thing is that it is caused by humans Global warming is having a debilitating impact on world’s weather. Countries across the continents are feeling its adverse effect. In the … Continue reading

Rampant trash burning is far more polluting than previously thought. It also comes with serious repercussions on people’s health Researchers have concluded that unchecked waste burning across the world is doing unprecedented harm to the world and atmosphere. They are … Continue reading

Icelandic volcano hit by 2nd biggest earthquake Yet. All eyes are on Bárðarbunga volcano in Iceland. The region has been under watch since activities beneath the earth started a few days ago. The area has been hit by several low … Continue reading

Obama looks to skip Senate on climate change deal: Irreversible damage Who is responsible for global warming? Is the process of earth getting warmer a natural one? For years researchers have been trying to find the right answers to these … Continue reading

Giant fishing spiders spotted in Oconto, Door, Fond du Lac, Marinette County Very large sized spiders are being reported from many areas in Wisconsin. The dreadful creatures that are as big as three inches –far bigger than anything that has … Continue reading

Life under Antarctic ice has been confirmed so should we expect aliens on Mars, elsewhere too. Till now it was never thought that life would survive under Antarctic. The reason: cold and sun never reaches such spots. But the discovery … Continue reading

Bardarbunga, Iceland Volcano: Eruptions, ash cloud, and travel warning Iceland is at the centre of scientific attraction. Since the earth went restless in Iceland’s most extensive volcano systems, Bárðarbunga, the country has been high alert. Steps are being taken to … Continue reading

Bizarre methane leakage from ocean floor between North Carolina, Massachusetts has amazed scientists. There doesn’t seem to be any logic behind this widespread leakage. A huge quantity of methane is leaking from seafloor close to the US east coast. This … Continue reading

Reducing carbon emissions costs come with significant health benefits. Researchers say that it pays for itself. Carbon emission is one of the most important reasons behind climate change and global warming. There is no denying the fact that many industries … Continue reading

Iceland monitors quakes as sub-glacial eruption did not occur yesterday as was being claimed. All eyes are on Iceland. The country has grabbed headlines since reports surfaced about the rumbling in the Bardarbunga volcano. With the development taking place, experts … Continue reading

Dinosaur footprints all set to go on public display in Utah. This is the site that has around 200 fossilized tracks. Dinosaurs seem to be everywhere. Almost on a daily basis more and more dinosaur fossils and their body parts … Continue reading