All of them are not heartless killers. In US they save lives. NOAA drones to save whales, marine mammals. Conservation of animal has been a cause of concern. For long researchers and environmentalists have been working out ways to make … Continue reading

It is going to be a great performance and sky-watchers will love it. Orionid Meteor Shower 2014: Date, peak time and how to watch it Orionid Meteor is at the centre of attraction. It has been reported that it would … Continue reading

Is California’s drought worse than 1930′s dust bowl? One of the most prosperous states in the US is suffering from worst days as far as agriculture is concerned. But definitely it is no match for the drought that continued for … Continue reading

Saturn’s death star and huge ocean underneath seem to be a great news for astronomers back on earth. Despite the technological advancement there are many new things that continue to come to fore after discovery or new study. The case … Continue reading

Japan’s nuclear plants threatened by volcanoes. There is no doubt that active volcanoes may make these plants look like sitting ducks. The debilitating impact that the damaging of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant because of Japan’s massive 2011 earthquake is … Continue reading

1934 Dust Bowl drought worst in American history. Researchers claim that the drought was the most severe in the last one thousand years. In the 1930s some parts of the central United States were rattled. The Dust Bowl drought is … Continue reading

Pentagon calls climate change US national security issue. It also warns that climate change may initiate conflicts in future Climate change is a cause of concern for states, policy makers and international organisations across the world. Experts are expressing their … Continue reading

Iceberg in Florida! Is it a joke? But apparently it is not and that there were iceberg long, long time ago. Climate has been changing over years. And many don’t know how things were ages ago. However, with the help … Continue reading

Alien quagga mussels threaten to destroy British water, wildlife in the days to come. The worst thing is that its elimination is almost impossible. The Quagga mussel can threaten water supplies in the US. There are also fears that it … Continue reading

Alien mussels may cause Catastrophe in British rivers. This is going to be a sort of environmental disaster. Britain could face catastrophic threat from Quagga Mussel species. Originated in Eastern Europe, Quagga mussels are an outsider for this island country. … Continue reading

Fishes in the Tropical Region being forced out of Arctic. And climate change is behind it. Researchers suggest that the best fish species will be a thing of past there. It is not only the humans that are facing the … Continue reading

Monarch butterfly are set to begin their migration one again. Now Feds are thinking as to how they can be saved Monarch Butterflies were once a regular feature in this part of the world. Just two years ago they used … Continue reading

Sidewinder snake robot out-performs real snakes on sandy surface. This is the first time that it has been made possible. Sidewinder robotic and real snakes are being tested by Georgia Tech researchers. The natural and very mean looking sidewinder real … Continue reading

snake Sidewinder

Alien Planet weather map shows burning world. For many years scientists have been looking for a planet other than Earth that supports life. The first sign that are looking for is sign of water as it is crucial for life … Continue reading