By Ram Puniyani Fali S Nariman recently made a very significant observation on the current political situation in India. The distinguished Constitutional jurist noted: “Hinduism has traditionally been the most tolerant of all Indian faiths. But, recurrent instances of religious … Continue reading


Eid al Adha 2014 is round the corner. But we must understand that killing the satan within is as important as sacrificing lamb By Syed Ubaidur Rahman It is the day of sacrifices. The whole world seems to be full … Continue reading


By Saurabh Kumar The focus of the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping later this week should be on tangibles – on mutually beneficial diversification and intensification of economic and cultural ties, tapping of all possible complementarities through imaginative arrangements … Continue reading

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By Saeed Naqvi As soon as President Barack Obama Wednesday announced his intention to lead a Coalition of the Willing to “degrade and destroy” the ISIS, his core coalition partners began to fidget and reach out for the exit door. … Continue reading

New Delhi: They anchored the rise of the BJP in the 1990s and guided it through the tumultuous years in the opposition but do not appear to have a role in the party’s first full-majority government. L.K. Advani and Murli … Continue reading

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By C Uday Bhaskar After considerable vacillation that brought little credit to the world’s largest democracy, the Indian parliament is now set to discuss the violence and bloodshed in Gaza on Monday, July 21. Earlier, even as the spiral of … Continue reading

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By Amulya Ganguli When L.K. Advani was dragged kicking and screaming from the post of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president in 2005 under orders from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a diplomatic cable from the US embassy in Delhi to … Continue reading

More than just a list of taxes and spending, the first budget of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is expected to unveil policies that will signal how the new Indian government wants to shape the economy in the years to … Continue reading

By Syed Ubaidur Rahman   The election season is gone and Narendra Modi is the prime minister of India. He comes to the office with a mandate that was not given to either Manmohan Singh, VP Singh, Deo Goda, IK … Continue reading

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By MUHAMMAD ADEEB     General elections are over. A new BJP government is in place. The results of the elections have been eye-opening for all Indians in general and Muslims in particular. The outcome of the poll battle has … Continue reading

Narendra Modi has won elections in style. Here Aijaz Zaka Syed takes a look at India’s new leader, Indian Muslims and neighboring Pakistan   For someone who has seldom missed an opportunity to tear into Pakistan and Bangladesh, accusing the … Continue reading

By Nawab Khan   BRUSSELS: Citizens from the 28-member countries of the European Union are to vote between May 22 to 25 for a new European Parliament of 751 members for the next five years.   However, according to European … Continue reading

By Sami   Mr. Giriraj Singh, the ‘not owned by Narendra Modi, still talking like Modi’ BJP leader has just elaborated his earlier statement asking why all the terror suspects come from the same and one community? He has earlier … Continue reading

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By Irfan Engineer     It is unlikely that Narendra Modi will be elected as the PM of such a diverse and vast country like India. In his election campaign, Modi’s PR machinery’s objective seemed to be to reach out … Continue reading

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