India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MoM) is on course. ISRO successfully test fires Mangalyaan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will witness history in the making tomorrow From the day one it was launched, there are apprehensions about the success of India’s Mars … Continue reading

Animals have inspired scientists many a time. And there have many instances when inspired by animals they have succeeded in unveiling new things. The case in point is a new methodology developed by Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology … Continue reading

Now there is no doubt at all that HTC is building a Tegra K1 Google Nexus 9 tab: Specs revealed Search giant Google has reportedly collaborated with none other than Taiwanese tech giant HTC to manufacture its Nexus 9 tablet … Continue reading

Microsoft Xbox One cometh to India one year too late. It was introduced more than a year from now and this is really very frustrating. Finally Xbox One is going to be available in the Indian market. this is happening … Continue reading

The assertions were finally proven wrong by scientists. What went wrong? A recent interstellar discovery that was being cited as thesis for knowing the Big Bang theory was just a myth and nothing more than space dust. This latest report … Continue reading

For many games this is going to be a welcome development indeed. Xbox One Launched in India @Rs39990 and Rs45,990 The Microsoft Xbox One arrives in the market at last. It is simply so abhorring to see the makers of … Continue reading

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales records have been broken in first weekend. they were above estimates,projections Apple’s new smartphones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have kept up with expectations as far as their sales are concerned. The company … Continue reading

This is going to be a game changer of sorts as far as fixing things is concerned. MIT researchers have come out with a powerful glue that has been inspired by shellfish. The researchers from MIT used sticky proteins that … Continue reading

After ten month long journey, NASA spacecraft MAVEN is in Mars’ orbit: All you need to know The first part of NASA’s most talked about $671 million mission to Mars has been accomplished.  And US-space agency NASA is well satisfied … Continue reading

Micromax Canvas A1 review. There is no denying the fact that it is best Android One handset launched by three Indian companies thus far. The response to Android One handsets launched in India earlier this month has been very encouraging … Continue reading

android one canvas a1

India’s Mars Orbiter Mission: 4 minute wake up test for Mangalyaan will determine if it is on course or not. ISRO scientists have a plan B too ready in case… India’s Mars Orbiter Mission Mangalyaan is going to defy every … Continue reading

Round 2 in Android One war is going to be more intense. You can expect better specs, better phone at relatively higher pricing that will get more manufacturers onboard. Android One handsets are looking like sure hits in the market. … Continue reading

NASA Maven spacecraft has finally gone to Mars successfully after more than ten months long journey traversing hundreds of millions of miles. Finally it has done it once again. NASA successfully put a Mars orbiter in its orbit successfully despite … Continue reading

Andromeda Galaxy devours smaller ones to expand. Reports suggest that Milky Way may also be eaten by this huge galaxy What happens when galaxies grow big? This and other questions have been debated by researchers for long. Many studies have … Continue reading