Smartphone thefts reach 3.1 million in 2013: Kill-switch necessary   There is no denying the fact that smartphone theft is becoming a major issue not just in United States but other parts of the world too.   But the menace … Continue reading

Facebook ‘Nearby Friends’ app not for under 18  in United States   Pretty soon biggest social networking site Facebook’s users in United States will be able to spot their friends if they are somewhere close by.   The new app … Continue reading

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4-incher Sony Xperia E1 @ Rs 10499 doesn’t have a front camera   Indian smartphone fans didn’t have so good till now. All the top smartphone makers are launching very affordable handsets in the Indian market with rather decent specifications. … Continue reading

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NASA’s spaceship LADEE dead as it falls on moon surface LADEE — short for Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer — that was launched by the US space agency NASA on moon in September is no more. The robotic moon … Continue reading

4.7-incher Gionee Elife E7 Mini with 13MP camera launched @ Rs19k   Gionee has come out with yet another great handset in the market. It is sleek and beautiful like all other Gionee handsets and features everything great.   There … Continue reading

Lava Iris 504Q+ with quad core processor, excellent display is paisa wasool   If there is one company that has a ‘keep everyone happy’ motto, this is none other than Indian smartphone maker Lava.   The company seems to be … Continue reading

Meteorites from Mars reveal truth about its early atmosphere   Mars has been at the centre of attraction. And for long scientists have been trying to unravel its mystery. Besides observing it through highly-powerful cameras equipped with latest technology, US … Continue reading

Access your PC from Android devices with Chrome Remote Desktop app This is going to be of immense help for all people who use a PC or Mac and have Android handsets or tablets. A latest Google app is going … Continue reading

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Exciton motion set to bring revolution in electronics   After observing excitons movements directly, scientists from MIT and the City College of New York are now working on expanding their potential uses. Since the concept of excitons was first proposed … Continue reading

Cloud of Stars becomes Rosy Red near constellation Centaurus It is simply looking exciting. I am sure no other photo from space has looked more stunning than this one in a very long time.   The photograph taken by European … Continue reading


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is selling like warmed baked goods   The Samsung Galaxy S5 is all the rage. It is selling like hot cake with enthusiasts rushing to nearby shops to lay their hands on it. According to one … Continue reading

Large Hadron Collider guides physicists to new particle   Researchers at Syracuse University have discovered a new and exotic atomic particle that is at the centre of attraction. What keeps it apart from other particles is that it doesn’t mesh … Continue reading

Generating solar power without the Sun   Generating solar power in the dark has been the biggest challenge for scientists for ages. But now scientists have reached very close to accomplishing the task. Reports have surfaced about some scientists at … Continue reading


NASA spacesuit design: Deadline for voting ends A few weeks ago, US space agency NASA had unveiled an innovative idea. The public was asked to vote on the best design for a prototype spacesuit.   The campaign—touted as a step … Continue reading