Xiaomi Mi 3 was reportedly sold out on Flipkart in just 40 minutes. But numbers of units sold is still unknown Xiaomi Mi3 has taken almost everyone by surprise in India. The handset that is the last flagship handset of … Continue reading

“One small step for man”… Obama meets crew 45 years later. The President reportedly had private meeting with Apollo 11 crew members. The United States is girding up to commemorate the 45th anniversary of their visit to the Moon. It … Continue reading

This is going to be an instant hit in the market. Xiaomi Mi4 was launched in a glittering ceremony. It beats iPhone 5S in looks, features, price Xiaomi Mi4 is going to prompt many people across the world to leave … Continue reading

This may become a hit in the market. Micromax 32-inch LED TV @Rs16,490 seems paisa wasool. The ever growing LED TV market is getting crowded with new entrants taking a plunge in the hope to have their share. With many … Continue reading

Micromax 32 inch LED TV

Xiaomi Mi 3 reviews are all full of praise. The new handset destroys competition as FlipKart crashes It was to be one of the busiest days for FlipKart. Technical employees of the well-known e-commerce website were expecting a huge footfall … Continue reading

A latest research has concluded that galaxies love to ‘dance’ instead of swarm around bigger galaxies. This is going to make you sit and take notice. A latest study has found that galaxies are not that ‘lifeless’ that we thought … Continue reading

India’s Mars orbiter completes 80% of 680 kms journey. This is a huge achievement for India indeed Indian space enthusiasts are simply over the moon if not the Mars with reports that India‚Äôs Mars orbiter is set to reach its … Continue reading

State-run telecom giants BSNL and are MTNL aiming to improve coverage across India. The two companies are going for 28300 new mobile sites If you are using MTNL landline phone and if the line goes dead, there are chances that … Continue reading

There is no denying the fact that it is impressive. LG G3 review: @Rs48k it will beat Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z3 LG G3 seems to have impressed almost everyone since its launch here in India. Almost everyone seems to … Continue reading

Oceans make exoplanets suitable for alien and possibly humans too. This also means that Mars also needs to have one to support life. What is the right atmosphere to support life on Mars and other places other than Earth? This … Continue reading

On the great occasion of 45th anniversary of human landing on moon, NASA names building for moonwalker Neil Armstrong US-space agency NASA is girding up to remember history. It was in 1969 when Apollo 11 crew mates Neil Armstrong, Buzz … Continue reading

Security agencies across the world will be super happy with its arrival. New laser technology can sniff explosives from far away This development is going to make life easy and safe too for many security agencies across the world. So … Continue reading


Moon visit urged 45 years after 1st human landing. But there are ominous signs that NASA not ready Sunday was a great day not just for the people of United States but human fraternity as a whole. It was on … Continue reading

This is a premium smartphone and analysts are sure that 5.5-incher ZTE Nubia Z7 Max will be unbeatable in India @Rs 24k Chinese handset makers are now coming to India officially. And the news might be welcome those enthusiasts who … Continue reading

zte nubia z7