Delhi: In the second quarter of 2014, worldwide server shipments grew 1.3 percent year-over-year, while revenue moved upward 2.8 percent from the second quarter of 2013, according to Gartner, Inc. “The second quarter of 2014 produced relatively weak growth on … Continue reading

ISRO in a press release has announced that Mangalyaan or India’s Mars Orbiter launched last year has completed 90% of its journey New Delhi: India’s ISRO has said that its Mars Orbiter is now close to reaching its orbit. Indian … Continue reading

How galaxy collision creates baby stars? NASA’s Spitzer Telescope proves it beyond any doubt. Though scientists for centuries have believed that earth, other planets and the whole universe came into being following a huge collision. But this was just an … Continue reading

IRCTC BlackBerry 10 app finally launched for booking train tickets. This seems to be very late despite large number of BlackBerry users in India. New delhi: After Android and iOS it is the time for IRCTC to open its doors … Continue reading

5.5incher Gionee GPAD G5 @Rs14k seems overpriced in India. There are many other handsets priced lower but give better value for money. Gionee GPAD G5 has been introduced in the Indian market. the handset seems OK given its specifications and … Continue reading

This is now the most sought after handset in the Indian market. Xiaomi Redmi 1S 40,000 units arriving on Flipkart Sept 2 @Rs6k Apple of China that seems to be lording over smartphone market in India is coming out with … Continue reading

.भारत (.Bharat) top-level domain (ccTLD) launched in India, 3 years too late New Delhi: After rather very long wait it has become a reality. This is the first time that the country with around 1.25 billion people and close to … Continue reading

The handset may seem low priced, but it gives the best value for your money. 5 reasons Xiaomi Redmi 1S will rule Indian smartphone market This is a beautiful handset without any doubt and it is going to do very … Continue reading

If this is well-spent it will bring revolution of sort. India to spend Rs20k cr for mobile connectivity in villages Digital India is changing first. If a few years ago the government had launched drive to connect the country through … Continue reading

Collision of distant galaxies: Galactic lens reveal 7 billion year old magic. View of colliding galaxies that too taking place in distant is something that everybody relished. Moreover for astronomers and scientists such view helps them in getting insight into … Continue reading

Merging galaxies in the distant Universe through a gravitational

This is without doubt a high-end handset, but it is exorbitantly hihg priced. Oppo Find 7 smartphone lands on Flipkart @Rs37990 Chinese smartphone makers are entering into Indian market. After Xiaomi now it is turn of Oppo, a Chinese brand … Continue reading

The next generation and recently introduced flagship handset from Xiaomi, Mi 4 India launch is set before year-end. Meanwhile Xiaomi is planing R&D in India. The arrival of Chinese mobile makers in the Indian market is expected to change the … Continue reading

NASA spacecraft moving closer to map out Pluto. Over years, US space agency NASA’s spacecrafts have accomplished many milestones. They have been doing their jobs of collecting data and helping scientists study them so that they could unravel the mystery … Continue reading

China SUPERSONIC SUBMARINE traveling in BUBBLE will hit US in 2 hours. This is simply one of the most innovative product in a long, long time. China is an emerging economy and its scientists are working overtime in researches as … Continue reading

china supersonic_sub