Mountain goats are shrinking rather fast. And scientists accuse none other than global warming for the smaller size. Warming climate is having impact on everything from weather to some species. Reports have surfaced about how wild mountain goats in the … Continue reading

Ancient human skulls reveals dairy consumption. The skull proves as to when Europeans could start drinking milk Ancient human skulls have turned out to be a key to gathering information about the prehistory of Europe. Researchers who studied the skulls … Continue reading

NASA 1st manned Mars Mission in Hawaii a top secret. Astronauts are under tough preparations for a mission that may take years or a decade or even more to materialize As the humans get ready to travel to Mars, a … Continue reading

The shopping and festival season is fast approaching. Apple Black Friday 2014 Deals on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus are expected Black Friday is still a long time away. Nonetheless it is already making headlines. Not just headlines, many retailers … Continue reading

Cosmic microwave polarization measured accurately, a study says. This is going to be of immense help in unraveling the truth about our cosmos in the days and years ahead. Secrets of the universe will be revealed pretty soon. We already … Continue reading

Hawaii could face monster storm soon. But this is not expected in a year or decade, but in a few centuries. Hawaii must have been rattled by a “monster tsunami” in the past, according to researchers. However, they are yet … Continue reading

This is being conducted under a dome in Hawaii. NASA Plan for Mars Mission HI-SEAS study fact sheet The journey to Mars could be an arduous one for commoner. To make things easy US space agency NASA has decided to … Continue reading

There is no denying the fact that Apple iPhone 6 is worth every penny spent. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus gives Apple great quarter A few months ago the situation was grim as Samsung emerged as a strong contender for … Continue reading

Amazon Kindle Voyage is definitely the best of the best. Superlatives are being used to describe e-reader It was 2007 when Amazon took the world by storm with its Kindle. It was touted as miracle to change the way we … Continue reading

Amazon Kindle Voyage

Hoverboards are real but URGENTLY need funding for flying skateboard. The dream has finally been turned into reality Hoveboards first made its appearance in a film Back to the Future Part II in the 1989s. Since then children and adults … Continue reading


This is going to be the biggest space program ever conceived. NASA team training for manned Mars mission in Hawaii Preparations to a trip to Mars are in full swing. Besides achieving technological know-how, work has also begun of mimicking … Continue reading

Name Rosetta comet mission’s landing site, win visit to ESA’s Darmstadt center. Name the site and describe the reason behind the name This will be the first of its kind in the human and the space history of all the … Continue reading

This is the best news that came after the comet flyby. Mars orbiters are safe after scary encounter with the comet NASA’s mars spaceship MAVEN seems to be left unharmed from the comet that flew past the Red Planet with … Continue reading

There are murmurs. And they have some basis too. Apple iPhone 6 sold out in India or not? Response not so great As the iPhone 6 makes its presence felt across the world, in India many are asking: how many … Continue reading