Under water tests let US astronauts train for future asteroid mission. To accomplish a mission of collecting samples from rocks orbiting the earth, US-space agency NASA has put some four astronauts 19 meters beneath the surface some five kilometers off … Continue reading

New Delhi: In a measure to boost Indian shipping, the government has allowed shipping companies to acquire ships abroad and also flag them in the country of their convenience. “This will enable Indian companies to have access to cheaper sources … Continue reading

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Three new exoplanets don’t have water finds Hubble. The search of water on planets other than Earth has continued to create curiosity among astronomers. For years astronomers have been in hunt for water vapour. The discovery of three planets known … Continue reading

This seems a loose change for space agency in China, but for NASA it is a huge amount of money. NASA Needs $460 million for NEXTT GENERATTION 2017 rocket system. Lack of fund could jeopardize NASA’s future space research. And … Continue reading

It must be the most powerful Solar flares of 2014. Scientists claim how a massive solar storm almost destroyed earth Two years ago an unprecedented event in the space had left scientists stumped. On further enquiry it was established to … Continue reading

Spice Stellar 526 reviews are full of praise. With IPS HD display @Rs11,499 is great smartphone Smartphones are all the rage. Many companies are launching their gadgets to capture the growing Indian market. The new entrant to the world of … Continue reading

4.5 incher Celkon Millennium Vogue Q455 with Android 4.4 has been launched in the Indian market @Rs8k India’s ace tennis player Sania Mirza who has been hogging the limelight for being named the brand ambassador of the newly carved state … Continue reading

The 1969 moon landing was a news that the whole world marvelled. Here are Some highlights In 1969, American astronaut Neil Armstrong was a household name in the country. What catapulted him to stardom in those days was him becoming … Continue reading

Lizard ‘sex satellite’ lost in space by Russian space agency Russian space agency is at problem after reports suggested that the country is unable to connect with spacecraft carrying many scientific projects. The news is of much importance since the … Continue reading

They thought it was child’s play. But it is not. Finding water on 3 earth-like exoplanets is a TOUGH nut to CRACKK When three Earth-like expolants were found by scientists using the highly advance Hubble Telescope there were hope that … Continue reading

Smartphone market in the country is set to touch a new high. Mobile connections in India to touch a massive 815m in 2014 says Gartner India has a huge population and with mobile getting cheap, chances are that more and … Continue reading

A latest report has claimed that ‘Bladabindi’ virus actually targets Windows users in India, steals passwords, bank and other details Are you having problems accessing your files and system? If so then chances are that your window must have been … Continue reading

NASA short of funds for big rockets due to drying US coffers. Meanwhile US-space agency NASA is doing trial runs for space here on earth. And in its first move it has put four astronauts into an underwater habitation module. … Continue reading

Voyager scientists disagree over Voyager 1 in interstellar space. They are not sure if it is there or not. Has Voyager 1 that was launched in 1977 left the solar system? This and other questions are being discussed by scientists. … Continue reading