Meteor that wiped out dinosaurs from the face of earth some 66 million years ago, changed jungles and plant life too. The earth wasn’t always the same as it seems today. Till almost some 66 million years or so ago, … Continue reading

1.3 billion-year-old Martian meteorite had water: Mars LIVEABLE! Does this mean that life once thrived on the Martian surface After sighting of clouds on the Martian skies, now there are telltale signs that there was ample quantity of water on … Continue reading

Ancient massive stone structure in Israel unearthed. This is one of the largest such structures found thus far. A large stone structure in Israel is at the centre of attraction. Since its discovery recently, the structure that goes back between … Continue reading

SpaceX-Boeing win NASA project for ‘space taxis’ as SpaceX boss Elon Musk Mars colonization on course The US is trying its best to end its dependence on Russia for rides to International Space Station. And keeping this in mind, NASA … Continue reading

Intel-Metis ‘Eddy’ tablet for kids @Rs10K has 160 learning apps. This is certainly going to attract lots of kids to this tab. Tablet is fast getting popular. With its importance being realised some companies have also eyed children. They feel … Continue reading

Mediatek expects over 2 million Android One smartphone sale this year alone. But this is also going to force Google and Samsung into a price war in the days to come. In cut-throat competitive smartphone world, companies are fighting a … Continue reading

Massive new construction tool to make rockets to take man to asteroids, Mars. Besides NASA has many other plans to put send man to Mars. NASA has announced the manufacture of world’s biggest spacecraft welding instrument. The US space agency … Continue reading

Though we are still not sure if it is fastest robot on earth, MIT’s robot Cheetah is as effective both in open fields as on treadmill Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists have finally come out with a racing robotic … Continue reading

Mumbai: A benchmark index of Indian equities markets closed Tuesday’s trade around 324 points down, as capital goods, banks and automobile stocks plunged. This is the second consecutive sell-out in the market triggered by weak industrial data and anxiety over … Continue reading


NASA’s New Horizons to take ‘Global selfie’ into space. This is very exciting for space fans across the world New York: A “global selfie” project that aims to send a special message from earth to space via NASA’s New Horizons … Continue reading

nasa global selfie 2

3.5-incher Intex Aqua T2 @Rs2699 is cheapest Android 4.4 KitKat handset. The handset will certainly be  a massive success in India. Intex Aqua T2 may not be a competitor for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. It doesn’t come with … Continue reading

Windows 9 download soon, named ‘Threshold’. It is set to be showcased on September 30. Software giant Microsoft is all set to put its best foot forward pretty soon. Before the end of the month the Redmond based tech giant … Continue reading

Hyderabad, Sep 16 (IANS) Round-the-clock electricity supply will be a reality in Andhra Pradesh from Oct 2 as the state government Tuesday signed an agreement with the union power ministry under the ‘Power for All’ scheme. The agreement was signed … Continue reading

Micromax, Spice Android One handsets selling on Amazon, Flipkart, OLX, eBay etc. The response seems to be good for the handsets, but the best response was received by Micromax baby. Is it only Flipkart that can manage huge number of … Continue reading