This may look like insane. But according to a top MIT scientists new route to Mars goes through asteroids How to travel to through space to Mars? This and other questions are being debated by planetary scientists and NASA. The … Continue reading

mars rover

It is certainly more than a jolt. It is 3rd big shock for US space industry. Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Crashes, killing 1 pilot A pilot has been killed and at least one more was seriously injured in the test flight … Continue reading

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo

India is all set to amaze the world once again. ISRO’s Mars 2 mission set for 2018 This is certainly going to give another boost of sorts to the Indian space enthusiasts. Merely after completion of one month of successful … Continue reading

Carbonaceous chondrites source of water on earth, originated much earlier. Researchers claim that it came around 14 million years after the formation of our solar system. Water is crucial for flourishing of life. Its presence makes Earth special. Its qualities … Continue reading


‘Faint, ghostly glow’ from dead stars terrorize NASA’s Hubble Telescope. These ‘ghost’ stars are very far away from our solar system. But these are really very speculative pieces of news as we cannot definitely measure the distance. Stephen Hawking has … Continue reading

This is going to be a very disappointing news for all smartphone makers fans across India. Nokia shuts handsets manufacturing unit in Chennai. It will no longer manufacture smartphones here. Chennai: Nokia, once an iconic mobile handset maker, is shutting … Continue reading

nokia lumia 830

Chennai: Its curtains down for once iconic Nokia mobile handset maker, as its India plant shuts down operations Saturday at Sriperumbudur, a company spokesman said Friday. “As announced earlier, we are stopping handset production at our Chennai plant from tomorrow … Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 930

This is what it takes to beat the hell out of competitors. Lava Iris Fuel 50 to beat Xiaomi Redmi 1S with 3000mAh battery This series of handsets is going to beat all its competitors in the days to come. … Continue reading

lava iris fuel

Another wave of yellow metal going down and down. Gold price tumbles in India crashing by as much as Rs 600 per 10 grams. New Delhi: Jewellery buyers have a reason to buy more gold even after the festive season … Continue reading


The agency seems to be facing its worst days in a long, long time. Down and out NASA trying to restore image with Mars bound Orion spacecraft A few years ago when the topic of humans travel to space was … Continue reading

Skin-eating fungus spreading in Europe. Reports suggest that it is helping in spreading the dreadful infection in Europe and elsewhere A skin-eating fungus is at the centre of attraction. Attention towards this fungus was shifted only after zoologists found it … Continue reading

For decades it has been a mystery that needed an answer. Is Amelia Earhart puzzle really solved? Investigators are trying their best to unravel the aviation’s most enduring mysteries. And their hard work has yielded positive results with researchers laying … Continue reading

Amelia Earhart plane parts found. Reports suggest that the fragments of the ill-fate aircraft have been found. Amelia Earhart’s plane had gone missing decades ago. For long researchers had launched a hunt to locate its wreckage, with little success. But … Continue reading


Finally we know almost the precise place where it fell. NASA ‘digs’ the site of LADEE Spacecraft fall Since being landed on the moon, LADEE has been doing great job. It was only six months ago when it was dispatched … Continue reading