Access your PC from Android devices with Chrome Remote Desktop app This is going to be of immense help for all people who use a PC or Mac and have Android handsets or tablets. A latest Google app is going … Continue reading

nokia android smartphone

4.3-incher LG L65 Dual with Android 4.4 showcased   LG has come out with an excellent handset now. After launching the most expensive handset LG G Flex, the company has launched a very reasonably priced handset with the latest Android … Continue reading

5-incher Lava Iris 504Q+ comes with impeccable 10MP snapper @ Rs14K This is another great handset that is going to bring many new users to India’s top smartphone brand Lava.   Within a short span of three years, it has … Continue reading

Lava Iris 504Q+

Airtel Night Store: unlimited local calls @ Rs7, 500MB 3G data @ Rs29   Airtel is the best telecom company in the country with very dependable network. Wherever you go you will find full signals in your handsets. Unlike several … Continue reading

Exciton motion set to bring revolution in electronics   After observing excitons movements directly, scientists from MIT and the City College of New York are now working on expanding their potential uses. Since the concept of excitons was first proposed … Continue reading

Cloud of Stars becomes Rosy Red near constellation Centaurus It is simply looking exciting. I am sure no other photo from space has looked more stunning than this one in a very long time.   The photograph taken by European … Continue reading


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is selling like warmed baked goods   The Samsung Galaxy S5 is all the rage. It is selling like hot cake with enthusiasts rushing to nearby shops to lay their hands on it. According to one … Continue reading

Large Hadron Collider guides physicists to new particle   Researchers at Syracuse University have discovered a new and exotic atomic particle that is at the centre of attraction. What keeps it apart from other particles is that it doesn’t mesh … Continue reading

Generating solar power without the Sun   Generating solar power in the dark has been the biggest challenge for scientists for ages. But now scientists have reached very close to accomplishing the task. Reports have surfaced about some scientists at … Continue reading


NASA spacesuit design: Deadline for voting ends A few weeks ago, US space agency NASA had unveiled an innovative idea. The public was asked to vote on the best design for a prototype spacesuit.   The campaign—touted as a step … Continue reading

Will unmanned Mini Submarine Artemis Find wreckage of Flight 370?   More than a month has passed since the sudden and painful disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. The flight was flying with full capacity of passengers and had as … Continue reading

Flat surface turned into spherical antenna by Chinese scientists   Now you can expect flat leveled antennas in coming years. The huge antennas that are visible from far away are going to be history in the days to come.   … Continue reading

ATMs will attack robbers with new technology     In many places in India, ATMs are not safe. Unfailingly newspapers report about how robbers target it almost on daily basis in different parts of the country. In New Delhi also … Continue reading

Saturn gets a baby moon ‘Peggy’ as NASA’s Cassini snaps a picture   A new baby is born. If you thought that this is baby is born to some prince and his beautiful wife you are wrong. I am talking … Continue reading