Frank Gifford funeral details, $20 million will making headlines, Cassidy Gifford dad tribute amazing

Frank Gifford funeral details, $20 million will making headlines, Cassidy Gifford dad tribute amazing

Frank Gifford funeral details, $20 million will making headlines, Cassidy Gifford dad tribute amazing


The whole Gifford household is in mourning following the sudden death of Frank Gifford. His wife of almost thirty years Kathie Lee Gifford seems to be devastated as his other five kids. While three children from his first wife are in their fifties, the two kids he had with Kathie Lee are still not that mature. Nonetheless the way they have managed to bear the loss of their father seems to be something that we cannot expect from children who are in their early twenties.


His wife Kathie Lee Gifford too has shown remarkable poise in bearing the loss and expressed her pain in the statement that has been published in almost every newspaper across the globe. She told the media in a statement that they should celebrate his life that was a great success instead of mourning.

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But Cassidy Gifford dad tribute went on to become even bigger hit on social media across the world. The 22-year old actress took to Instagram to show how her father was close to her through pics and texts. She put a picture of her sitting on her father’s shoulder. It must be kept in mind that when she was born he was already in his sixties.


Her words are reverberating in many minds. “Very few people are blessed enough to call their father a legend, and an even smaller number are able to share that notion with the rest of the world…Today of all days I can genuinely say I am humbled by the outpour of love and support my family has received.”


But apparently this was not enough. “Yesterday, I lost my best friend…His kindness was infectious, and his grace, beyond compare.. And despite the worldly passing of an incredible man, I undoubtedly know heaven gained one stud of an angel.” Frank Gifford’s daughter concluded her tribute by citing a bible passage and referencing Frank’s Hall of Fame career with the New York Giants, whom the sportscaster played for from 1952 through 1965. “Philippians 4:13 has never rung so true. You were an unparalleled Giant in all sense of the word, Dad.. So keep doin’ you up there, because no one does it better, and no one ever will,” she added.

Details are emerging about his will. A report by quoted a family insider as saying, “Kathie Lee has already met with lawyers to discuss the will…It was very important to Frank that all of his grandchildren have scholarship funds set up and that their college be already paid for in full”.

While giving more details of Frank Gifford will RadarOnline report says, “While Kathie Lee is going to get the most from Frank’s will, which is roughly half of his fortune, the remaining money is going to be split equally between his children…Frank made sure to also include his grandchildren in the will because he wanted his entire family to be cared for after he is gone.”

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