BY | February 13, 2014

Women’s hockey at Sochi was at the centre of attraction as two great teams Canada and the US clashed in a match. It was a treat to watch the play that had its own ups and downs. The Shayba Arena was witness to some rare hockey skills with the Canadian trailing.

Hilary Knight turned out to be a hero with Canada being down for the first time at an Olympics through 1,075 minutes 34 seconds of game play. Other team would have surrendered but not Canada that put up a good fight and came back with a bang.

Hailey Wickenheiser made things easy as she had found Meghan Agosta-Marciano with a wonderful pass to tie things up. There were some controversy over the goal and it went for the video review but it survived it. U.S. coach Katey Stone was dismayed by the decision. But it was too late as Canada sailed through with 3-2 win.  At the end of the day Team Canada heaved a sigh of relief. Moreover, Canadian coach Kevin Dineen was happy with the win. Since Kevin became coach after Dan Church resigned from the post.

The big setback was for the US. It had entered in the tournament as the gold medal favourite.

Medal standings Country     Gold Silver Bronze Total
1    Germany       6    1    0     7
2    Canada           4    4    2    10
3    Norway          4    3    5    12
4    Netherlands      4    2    4    10
5    Switzerland      3    0    1    4
6    United States      2    1    4    7
7    Austria          1    4    0    5


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