Can Nokia hope for revival with Windows Phone


    By Abdul Vahid V (NVONews.Com)

    Some analysts have recently come out with a forecast that Windows Phone will revive Nokia in coming years. Microsoft and Nokia have signed a deal to work together to figure out a new ecosystem in mobile industry. Behind Apple and Android, Microsoft looks to ensure a consistent place for its Windows Phone in association with Nokia. It is here the question is hot on web whether the shrinking Nokia can revive its fortunes with Windows Phone. In company with Microsoft, Nokia has already announced a couple of smartphones; Lumia 710 and Lumia 800. The Finnish mobile maker is also working to launch a few smartphones and tablets for early this year on Windows platform.

    Will turnaround begin this year?
    The 2012 is expected to provide a grip for Microsoft and Nokia teams in mobile industry. Apart from many more smartphones on WP7, Microsoft’s tablet friendly Windows 8 will come out of curtain this year. Nokia will also produce a pick of tablets with Windows 8 by mid this year. Certainly, these possible developments force analysts to think that 2012 will be an auspicious year for Nokia and Microsoft. Credit Suisse analyst Kulbinder Garcha thinks that Windows Phone will be a linchpin for Nokia to recover its lost reputation in world mobile industry.

    According to Mr. Garcha, Nokia will likely make a solid 13 percent growth in mobile market this year. Its Windows Phone-based gadgets will boost the growth. Nokia has been a top player in handset making for several years. Before the surge of Apple and Samsung, Nokia dominated the industry with its own proprietary operating systems. But, with the volatile performance of Apple and Samsung, Nokia slumped over last several months with a market share decline from respected 33 percent to mere 14 percent.

    The Credit Suisse analyst has listed three reasons for the potential surge of Nokia in 2012. The first one is that Nokia’s Lumia models of phones are great products and they are priced sensibly. The two Lumia models we are familiar with – Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 – are certainly two brilliant phones. Except the lack of dual core processors, the already released Lumia 800 is a high-end smartphone that can well face competition from both Android and Apple phones. Lumia 710 and some other models are to come early this year.

    The second thing is the good support the Windows Phone and Nokia team-up receives. Customers and analysts have welcomed the Nokia Microsoft deal as a great move for the global mobile industry. A recent Credit Suisse survey revealed that 85 percent of the 27 key executives supported the requirement for a third mobile ecosystem behind Apple iPhone and Google Android.

    The final point is that new Nokia phones enjoy better quality Windows Phone OS and advanced distribution and marketing channels. Indeed, Microsoft is reportedly to invest $200 million to promote new lineup of Windows Phone-featured devices from Nokia. As a whole, these three things can contribute a lot into the revival of Nokia this year or coming years. Moreover, many other surveys have predicted the rapid growth of Windows Phone in coming several years. It will also augur well for the Nokia phones.

    Will Microsoft buy Nokia?
    Meanwhile, some sources have come up with reports that Microsoft is planning to buy the Finnish mobile maker. The Redmond software giant is on a move to acquire at least Nokia’s smartphone section, says Eldar Murtazin, a Russian industry analyst and blogger. Mr. Murtazin has been a successful Nokia newsmonger for a while. Many of his predictions have gone true in the past. He recently tweeted that Microsoft and Nokia heads met in Las Vegas to discuss the agreement. But, no official sources have yet confirmed the report.

    What others say?
    Introducing its Lumia phones in U.K. in October 2011, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said it was the next step in their mobile business. “We’re signaling our intent to be today’s leader in smartphone design and craftsmanship,” Mr. Elop, a former Microsoft executive said. “And it’s one of many important milestones since we announced the change in strategy on February 11,” added the Nokia CEO, the master brain behind the Microsoft and Nokia deal.