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Bruce Jenner interview, sex change and other developments

Bruce Jenner interview, sex change and other developments

Bruce Jenner interview, sex change and other developments

Lamar Odom was supportive of Bruce Jenner during his or her sex change journey. Many people in the family are also crediting him to make Khloe Kardashian understand that it was a choice that Bruce Jenner had made and that no one could do anything except to accept him/ her as he wants to be accepted.

Though Lamar Odom is no longer part of the expanded Kardashain family after his messy divorce with Khloe Kardashian, nonetheless people in the family accept the great role he played in making Bruce Jenner acceptable in the Kardashian household.

A family insider while talking about his role says, “Lamar’s been in constant communication with Bruce throughout his transition process and has been nothing short of the perfect son-in-law. He’s been to Bruce’s house several times since he’s moved there to check on him and make sure he was feeling alright.”

bruce-jenner-and-lamar-odomThe source was further quoted by Web Pro News as saying, “Lamar sees Bruce as a ‘father figure’ and respects all the advice and wisdom Bruce has given him over the years. He admires Bruce and he thinks that if it’s his life’s quest to be a woman, then by all means, he should do it. Lamar’s incredibly supportive of Bruce and his transition. It takes a big man to live in his truth and Lamar thinks Bruce will be very happy with his new life”.

In the meantime this development is going to be a shock for many fans of the Olympian who are not happy with his sex change. Jenner’s eight-episode documentary series has just been confirmed by E!’s executive vice president of programming and development, Jeff Olde. In a statement released to US Weekly, Olde said, “Bruce is incredibly courageous and an inspiration, and we are proud to be entrusted with this deeply personal and important story. This series will present an unfiltered look as Bruce boldly steps into uncharted territory and is true to himself for the first time.”

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