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Brontosaurus lived life king size, ruled the world

Brontosaurus lived life king size, ruled the world

Brontosaurus lived life king size, ruled the world

Researchers have asserted that Brontosaurus actually existed. This caps the long discussion on whether they ever existed on the face of earth or not. Researchers have fought on this issue for more than hundred years and many a times this looked more acrimonious than the street fight.

Despite finding of Brontosaurus’ fossils around 150 years ago, the issue was not settled till now. Scientists claimed in the year 1870s that they had discovered the fossils of brontosaurus , but by 1903 they looked unsure and said that may be these were the fossils of Apatosaurus.

Paleontologists’ confusion thankfully comes to an end due to the latest study conducted by Oxford University scientists who analyzed the fossils carefully before giving their verdict.

dinosaur d-mirificusWhile talking about the findings of the study Dr Roger Benson, a co-author from the University of Oxford says, “The differences we found between Brontosaurus and Apatosaurus were at least as numerous as the ones between other closely related genera, and much more than what you normally find between species”.

Researchers have always been fascinated by the charisma of Brontosaurus. They have believed it to be the most lively of all the dinosaurs besides the fact that it was simply huge. Fossils from the gigantic dinosaurs were discovered in the United States a long time ago and it was named ‘Brontosaurus excelsus’. This actually translated into the “noble thunder lizard”. But then researchers got confused and concluded that Brontosaurus excelsus was actually so similar to Apatosaurus that it would be more correct to treat them as two different species of the same genus and it was renamed Apatosaurus excelsus.

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