Broadcast rights not a hindrance for Indo-Pak series: Shahryar Khan

Broadcast rights not a hindrance for Indo-Pak series: Shahryar Khan

Broadcast rights not a hindrance for Indo-Pak series: Shahryar Khan

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India and Pakistan relations cannot stabilize till the two nations resume their cricketing ties. Since the terrorist attack on Taj in Mumbai some seven years ago, the two nations have never played a full series, though have occasionally played a couple of matches.

But now there are serious indications that the two nations want to resume their cricket relations. While cricket may not actually be the only indicator of improved relations, business and economic ties can also be an indication of improved relationship –though it is nowhere to be seen- there must be some move forward.

Now there are indications that the Indian cricket establishment wants the forthcoming series to be held in India rather than in United Arab Emirates (UAE) that will be hosted by Pakistan. There are reports that the BCCI chief Jagmohan Dalmiya wants the series to be held in India, with the first Test match in Kolkata.

India broke its cricketing ties with Pakistan following terrorist attack of in Mumbai in the year 2008.

Pakistani Cricket Board (PCB) chairman while talking to an Indian television channel said, “If the approval of the government is required, fine, but we should make a very clear decision…the world wants to see Pakistan and India playing each other”. He was recently in India and held talks with Jagmohan Dalmiya.

Besides, he also held talks with Indian finance minister Arun Jaitley, who has reportedly asked the two boards to first discuss compensation for broadcasters, before the Indian government considers the proposal.

But there is some opposition in the government circles for holding an India Pakistan cricket series in the country or anywhere else. A former top ranking bureaucrat RK Singh, who is a BJP MP opposed such move in the Indian Parliament by saying “A country which is giving shelters to the terrorists, who have attacked and had carried out bomb blasts against us, what is a point of playing cricket with that country, I don’t understand”. But he and other section in the BJP will fall in line once Prime Minister makes an announcement in this regard.

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