Britain voices strong opposition to Houthis’ employment of force

Britain voices strong opposition to Houthis’ employment of force

Britain voices strong opposition to Houthis’ employment of force
LONDON: The British Government hs no intention to recognize a Houthi-formed government in Sanaa because London is against employment of force to make political change, said the Prime Minister’s Envoy to Yemen.

In exclusive remarks to KUNA, Sir Alan Duncan said Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi remains the sole legitimate authority that should govern Yemen.

The Houthis have dishonored commitments made during the national dialogue conference last September, Sir Duncan said, urging them to restore conditions to normalcy to spare the nation further crises.

The Houthis cannot solely form a government to administer Yemen despite their takeover of the capital Sanaa, he said, expressing no opposition to their participation in an aspired national coalition government.

Hadi has recently fled Sanaa settling up in southern city of Yemen. His move came after the armed Houthis took over various state installations and key sites.

Sir Duncan expressed hope the aspired Riyadh conciliation conference would result in a settlement to the Yemeni crisis. Fortunately, he opined, there have been no major wide-scale fighting, that could be viewed as tantamount to full-fledged civil warfare, despite the complex conditions.

The United Nations and other international powers are currently seeking to find a peaceful solution to the Yemeni crisis, he said, praising the Houthis’ decision to free Prime Minister Khaled Bahah, along with a number of ministers, who had been under house arrest in Sanaa. Such a gesture is necessary on part of the Houthis because they cannot take over the administration, he said.

Sir Duncan said he contacted Bahah on Monday, immediately after he was set free, adding that the premier expressed no intention to resume his duties as premier.

Bahah resigned in January after the Houthis captured the presidential palace. UN Envoy for Yemen Jamal Benomar has been exerting mediation efforts to try settle the internal conflict.

Sir Duncan was named the premier’s envoy to Yemen and Oman in August. He had served as the secretary of international development between May 2010 and July 2014.

The Houthis, a Shiite sect, have recently spread their armed presence to the Sanaa region, challenging the State authority. They have often gotten involved in armed fighting with the State security personnel, other armed groups and tribes. (KUNA)

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