Breaking News: New Ebola test takes 30 minutes, costs $20

Breaking News: New Ebola test takes 30 minutes, costs $20

This must be one of the most significant breaking news today. A new Ebola test takes 30 minutes, costs merely $20

This is certainly going to give new hope to people across the world who see a major threat before them in the form of Ebola. Though outside Africa, its impact is rather negligible, nonetheless it has created fear as far away as in New York and Washington.

Screening is tight at airports and people who are coming back from Africa are under watch even after being screened at the airport for the Ebola threat.

Ebola VirusBut now things may look a lot better in the coming days. Many drugs’ clinical trial is in final stages and now there are hopes that a very fast Ebola diagnosis test is set to be launched.

A report in the BBC says that the new test will take merely half an hour in detection of the disease that has killed around five thousand people across the world.

The breakthrough comes thanks to a team of researchers headed by Jim Collins. Collins is one of the most respected names in the synthetic biology and is associated with Harvard University. The test is also inexpensive and costs merely $20.

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