Book to promote diabetes education among medical professionals


    New Delhi: “Controversies in Type 2 diabetes” is the newest publication to promote diabetes education among medical professionals in the country.

    The book authored by an editorial panel is headed by Dr Prof B M Jayaram as Editor-in-chief. The other members of the editorial team include Dr. Prof. A.K. Das, Dr. Prof. N.R. Rau and Dr. Kashinath Dixit.

    This publication is an initiative of Micro Labs Ltd which in the year 2002 decided to start a publication to educate the budding doctors and those interested in Diabetology. The idea was to give an Indian perspective to various developments in the field of Diabetology and touch upon different themes each year. The book was to be distributed FREE to practicing doctors across the country and the libraries of medical institutions.

    The first book titled, “Type 2 Diabetes: The Indian Scenario 2025?” was received well from the doctor community and we went on to bring out the following publications in the forthcoming years.

    Other publications in this series include 2003: Newer Horizons in Type 2 Diabetes; 2004: Type 2 Diabetes: Urban-Rural; 2005: Type 2 Diabetes in the Elderly; 2006: Type 2 Diabetes & the role of Insulin Resistance; 2007: Diabesity; 2008:Type 2 Diabetes & its Complications: A Preventive Program; 2009: Type 2 Diabetes in Children & Adolescents; 2010 : Controversies in type 2 Diabetes

    Such was the demand for these publications that Micro Labs Ltd gradually increased the print from 10000 copies in 2002 to 30000 copies in 2010. Besides, keeping in mind the ever increasing requests for back issues, we have recently released the book in electronic form from 2006 issue onwards.

    The Company hopes to play a more active role in the prevention and management of Diabetes in India.

    Realizing the need for Diabetes Education and Research, RESEARCH SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF DIABETES IN INDIA (RSSDI) was founded by Prof. M.M.S. Ahuja in 1972. Today RSSDI has 4500 members consisting of Endocrinologists, Physicians, Cardiologists and General Practitioners. To propagate Diabetes Education further, RSSDI approves accrediting centers/institutes who wish to start 1 year certificate course in Diabetology. The aim of the course is to provide participants with the skills necessary to provide appropriate diabetes care to patients with Diabetes Mellitus.

    Micro Labs Ltd., is a Rs1200 Cr Bangalore based Pharma major ranked among top 20 in the industry by ORG- IMS(Nov’09) and top 10 in terms of prescriptions. Founded by late Mr. G.C Surana in the year 1973, with an objective to provide quality healthcare at an affordable cost. Stringent manufacturing practices, quality control standards combined with innovative products have enabled Micro Labs Ltd., to establish a strong presence in the healthcare market.

    Under the leadership of Mr. Dilip Surana (Chairman & Managing Director) and Mr. Anand Surana (Director), it is now a diversified pharmaceutical organisation with 11 oral formulation plants, an injectable unit, a bulk drug facility, 4 overseas offices, a strong distribution network and about 5200 dedicated employees. In addition to the above, Micro Labs Ltd., also has the state-of-the-art facilities and R&D centres with international standards.

    It has a strong presence in domestic market in Cardiology, Diabetelogy, Neuropsychiatry, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Antimicrobial Therapy and pain management. Micro Labs has recently entered in Nephrology segment. Some of its popular brands include Dolo 650, Anxit, Silybon, Eldopar, Amlong, Avas, Hopace, Tripride, Diapride, Dianorm M.

    The group has presence in over 60 countries, exporting all major dosages in every therapeutic segment. The company’s manufacturing units have been approved by the European Union, TGA (Australia), Medsafe (New Zealand), Health Canada and 34 other countries including the Pan American Health Organisation and Indonesia. Recently, the USFDA has approved its Goa plant and 2 more facilities are in pipeline.

    Micro Labs is committed to the cause of social welfare and wellbeing of the society. The company has set-up an educational institution to provide quality education to the deserving and needy. The Surana College offers courses in arts, science, commerce, and computer applications besides a PG Center for Management Studies.

    The company has also been bestowed  ‘The Company of the Year’ award in ‘The Pharmaceutical Summit 2009’ organized by OPPI, IDMA, Pharmexil and IPA, besides several IDMA  Quality excellence Awards for its Production facilities.