Bobbi Kristina Brown $20 million inheritance: Nick Gordon gets $40,000 for grave photo, is he hiding something

Bobbi Kristina Brown $20 million inheritance: Nick Gordon gets $40,000 for grave photo, is he hiding something

Bobbi Kristina Brown $20 million inheritance: Nick Gordon gets $40,000 for grave photo, is he hiding something

Who is going to get the $20 million estate that Bobbi Kristina Brown inherited from her mother Whitney Houston. It is clear now that Bobby Brown, Kristi’s father and singer is not going to get anything from Whitney Houston’s estate. But he will get something from what Bobbi left behind.

Budding actress and socialite Bobbi Kristina Brown died towards the end of the last month after spending six months on hospital bed. During this entire period she remained comatose and never ever regained her consciousness. This notwithstanding the fact that her father tried to give an altogether different impression, claiming many a times that his daughter was doing better than before and that her condition was improving.

Now after more than a month of her demise the issue of inheritance is still to be settled. Her boyfriend who is facing a $40 million lawsuit that claims that he was behind her death besides allegations of him siphoning off Bobbi Kristina Brown’s finances in his own account is facing one issue after the other.

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He apparently doesn’t have resources to fund his legal war against Browns and Houstons. But the 25-year old Nick Gordon has reportedly sold his grave visit photos for $40,000 to be able to face legal case that seems to have been initiated at the behest of Pat Houston.

There are reasons to believe that Pat Houston and her family are preparing for a long and murky legal battle to make sure they get to keep ever penny of Whitney Houston’s money.

A report while talking about the reasons behind her death says, “the underlining factor in Bobbi Kristina’s drowning death or murder has been money. From the day she went into a coma, the $20 million inheritance Whitney Houston left her only daughter has been a factor that has caused family feuds. Not to mention, the payout opportunities someone seized, taking photos of Bobbi Kristina in hospice and of her body in her casket”.

In the meantime Nick Gordon successfully sold his picture of visit to her grave. A report in the National Enquirer says, “In an emotional collapse, he broke down and stretched out his body on the length of the grave. He was obviously haunted by the enormity of being in Bobbi Kristina’s presence…He stood in front of Whitney and Bobbi Kristina’s grave for a few moments in silence before he returned to the car. He never looked back.” There is no denying the fact that the publication was trying to show him looking like sentimental, when it has been made clear enough that he had a hand in her death.

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