Bobbi Kristina Brown: Whitney Houston daughter is dead, may be taken home any day

Bobbi Kristina Brown: Whitney Houston daughter is dead, may be taken home any day

Bobbi Kristina Brown: Whitney Houston daughter is dead, may be taken home any day

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s cousin has tried to kill rumors that Whitney Houston and Bobbi Brown’s daughter is dead and that the family is preparing to take her off the life support.

The 22-year old girl is in medical induced coma for around four months now after being found drowned in a bathtub at her Atlanta home on January 31. Since then her health has shown no improvement and the aspiring actress remains unresponsive.

While she may never come out of coma as doctors have said that she has suffered permanent brain damage, something incurable, her father’s family has tried to keep her on life support one way or the other. Bobby Brown has taken many people by surprise by his utter misleading comments about the condition of his daughter who is on her death bed for the last four months.bobbi brown father bobby brown out of emory university hospital

Jerod Brown has repeatedly talked to the media about Bobbi Kristina Brown’s latest health condition. He has now started a new hashtag #PrayForBK. Now he is launching another media campaign with the launch of a new hashtag: #GetReadyBK.

While talking about his social media campaign he said on Facebook, “Last thing she told me was ‘Get Ready Cousin’! Get ready for a beautiful future we was working toward. Something in my spirit is confirming my lil cousin is in position for a blessing. To everyone who is in need of change, know this is your moment! Its not over Bobbi Kris, its almost time to share your testimony! #GetReadyBK.”

But this is not the only thing he said in recent weeks. Just a week ago he took to the social media and attacked Cissy Houston, Whitney’s 81-year old mother. “Cissy: So now the blame of auntie Whitney is my uncle Bobby? No disrespect Cissy, instead of you pointing fingers to a man that gave as much of himself as she did, a love neither one of us can digest, embrace, create, understand or survive through, try pointing that same finger to find out what truly happened to auntie Whitney. Your daughter. Yet my uncle is bashed for keeping his daughter alive as long as he desires. A few family members including myself are bashed for asking the world to pray. You gave up a long time ago. We, the Browns, are built on true faith, and the results are remarkable.”

Just the other day there was news that Bobby and Pat Houston have agreed to take the girl off life support. The news comes courtesy MediaTakeOut, that as per reports talked to two close sources within the Brown family. “ spoke with two separate sources within the Brown family, who told u that the entire family is being summoned to Bobbi Kris bedside. This is not rumors, it’s facts. We’re told that all life support will be removed from Bobbi Kris, and she’ll be allowed home” said the report.

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